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1991 Toyota Camry LE 4 Door Sedan
Original Owner, 222,000 Original Miles(1)

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I bought this 1991 Toyota Camry LE 4 Door Sedan brand new in the fall of 1990. It has the 2000 4-cylinder engine. This vehicle is being sold for parts. It is complete and intact. It will not pass a Massachusetts motor vehicle inspection for several reasons, the obvious one being rust over each wheel well (9), meaning perforation of double paneled areas. Another reason is flaky warning lights that I can't clear. Amazingly, the last time I looked under the car the floor was intact and still showing the original blue paint.

Most of the rust over the wheel wells is covered with stainless steel wheel well trim strips, which worked good at first (7), but not so much now.

I have all of the original papers including the window label and owner's manual. The title is clear. Included is the factory manual. This car had an oil change every 3,000 including a new Toyota oil filter. I used to buy them by the case. Toyota oil filters are far superior to the common aftermarket brand filters

The good news is the engine stills runs good, and you can hear it run before you buy. You have to make allowances for the old gas, of course, even though it has a double dose of Sta-Bil. If you know these Camrys, the engine is good for perhaps as much as 400,000 miles. Usually the car rots out before the engine goes, which is the case here. The motor does not smoke, and with a freshly charged battery, starts right up . Runs good, and sounds good.

Interior upholstery is crushed velour (4) matched to the exterior, and shows wear on the front seats, but no rips or tears. Back in the nineties these were being stolen for the nifty 3-way driver's seat (10). Interior door panels are in fine condition.

I hate to see it go. It is definitely the best car I ever owned, and was treated as such. The engine burns no oil at all after all these miles, and gave the promised 28 MPG for all the time I drove it. It does not smoke when starting, either, despite the many months of sitting around. The A/C was working OK but needed a charge, IMO. I do not have access to the old type refrigerant needed. It has a nice Pioneer aftermarket stereo/CD player (3). It has been stated up and run for 15-20 minutes every two weeks or so.

Things that do not work include operating the sunroof. The little grabbers on the trolleys broke when I tried to operate it one time when frozen shut. Two tires will not hold air. The fancy stock Toyota alloy rims need to be reconditioned (7). I always thought they looked really nice, but now not so much. There is a place in Hampton Falls NH that can recondition them.

With a lot of work this car might as good as it did just a few years ago (5). Note: This is not a recent picture, unlike the others. Shows this vehicle was a looker just a few years ago.

Owner Statement

This car is perfect for the owner of the same series (1987-1991) Camry with a bad engine and/or torn up interior. You might be able to extend the life of your present vehicle for a few more years. I believe this vehicle can be made road worthy again with a lot of work, including bodywork over the top of four wheel wells, idiot light debugging, and the like, if you can do the work yourself.

Important Information

This car must be picked up in person because I have no time or knowledge to arrange shipping. Location is northeastern Massachusetts, Essex County, about halfway between I95 and I495. This vehicle CANNOT GET A STICKER due to needed bodywork, and unresolved idiot light issues. NEEDS NEW TIRES, and RIMS RECONDITIONED. SUNROOF is CLOSED BUT DOES NOT WORK. BATTERY IS NOT BEING CHARGED. The RADIO DOES NOT WORK due to broken antenna - still plays CDs. The bill of sale will be marked, "Sold for Parts" and "Sold as is."

PAYMENT INFORMATION: This is a CASH sale only (in person) - NO CHECKS - USPS Money Orders OK (by USPS mail). There will not be any last minute on-site negotiations. This is a regular eBay transaction, and will be treated as such. You do have the right of refusal in person should you discover I misrepresented anything. Violators will be reported to eBay. This item must be paid in full within 10 days, and removed from this property within 2 weeks.

Any questions on this item, or any other items I may have for sale, gladly answered.
Please just ask. In general, I will supply extra photos on request.
Update on the engine: Engine last ran a few months ago. No problems since that I know of, it is just that I have not had time to run it once in awhile like before. Now my wife wants this car out of the yard, so it is being listed as is. Please keep this in mind when bidding. If I start this up I will let everyone know.