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Welcome Classmates!

Beverly High School Class of 1960
Beverly, Massachusetts

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CHANGED =====>   BHS '60 Current BHS '60 Support  <===== CHANGED

Welcome to Your Website!!

If you are a graduate of the Beverly Massachusetts High School Class of 1960, or were ever in our class at any point along the way, this is your website. Those classmates who voted to establish this site hope you will use it to get in touch and stay in touch. The next reunion will be our 60th in 2020, and we want to be able to contact everyone at that time. Your active participation will help make it better.

On this site you can submit pictures to share with your classmates and enjoy those already submitted by others. You can post bulletins within the guidelines of the site. Announcements will keep you informed of the latest developments. Rest assured that no personal information about anyone will be posted on this site without specific permission.

This is your website. Please stay in touch and keep us updated with your latest email address. Let us know how we can make this site better. All feedback is appreciated.

Various Topics!

   CHANGED: BHS '60 Reunion Committee Can Use Your Support
Direct Support No Longer Needed For This Website - Thank you for your past support!!

Simply send check to "Treasurer"

To see other people involved, click "
Contact Us" on Menu Bar at top of any page

BACKGROUND: This website was moved in late 2018 from its original domain, bhs60.com, to subdomain bhs60 on my personal primary domain, wfnisbet.com. Check the URL in the address bar at the top of the page. This means I am personally carrying the entire cost of website hosting, and no further donations to the Class of 1960 for website hosting are needed.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

         (Old Procedures Ended 12/31/18 - )

Up until mid-April, 2005, this site was financed out of the generous donations from your fellow classmates, as voted by those attending the last reunion, the 41st "2000+1." See About This Site elsewhere on this page.

April 2005 I proposed to the reunion committee that we solicit donations to finance this website. I said I would see if there are people in our class, or anyone else, interested in sponsorship. This would relieve the class from our yearly web hosting expenses, which at the time were $107.40 per year, and thus free up corresponding funds for direct reunion expenses. This has worked out quite well through donations from generous BHS '60 classmates, and friends of our class. The website support donations are just slightly ahead of actual cost, and if things continue this way, our expenses will be covered into the future.

Actual website hosting cost went up to $155.40 per year sometime in the late spring or early summer of 2008. I paid the difference out of my pocket through the remainder of 2008, and 2009-10. Reimbursement of the entire cost was requested, and paid, starting in May 2010.

Click to Enlarge

Here is a report from Lori (Wait) Dupont on Herman Lemp's support of this website,"According to my records, which go back to 2005, Herman started picking up the full amount in 2008, at $108.00. We had no donations to the website in 2006 or 2007, and were carrying a negative balance [in that account] until 2009, when we had several donations. [I] picked up the difference from 2010, when the fee first went to $155.40, until 2013. In the meantime we had various donations during reunion years and a few in between, but it’s been only Herman since late 2013."

All other donors are mentioned in a table on this page - Click to see other Site Sponsors.

Lorraine (Wait) DuPont, Treasurer
32 Cabot Road
Danvers MA 01923

If you like, contact the webmaster.

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There are some of us with our own website. If you have a website, send me the link, and I will post it here. Please, no third party entities, such as your employer, just your own business and/or personal website(s). Please notify the webmaster of any bad links using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Hinda (Katz) Sterling       Sterling & Selesnick, Inc.
Bill Nisbet       Cat's Named, Etc.
Dolores (Tognacci) McCallum       Beauty Discounts Online

Note: Newest entry bolded and italicized.

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Attention BHS Classes '57 through '62: Some of our classmates do not have their yearbooks anymore, and some never had one. Occasionally I get a query asking if a yearbook is available. Please consider sending unwanted yearbooks to the address you see here. Not to get overly morbid, just realistic, let your future heirs know about this. Unfortunately, when we pass away our yearbooks are probably tossed in the trash, when they could be making another of our classmates very happy. Thanks in advance.

We welcome 1957 - 1962 yearbooks in any condition. Extra yearbooks will be given to members of your particular class; a few have already asked about them. Please keep an eye out for yearbooks. Thanks!

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Images from our classmates are a big hit. Do you have any from our school daze? See last question in the "How to Keep in Touch" section below.

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How to Keep in Touch

Q. The main purpose of this site is to keep in touch with my classmates. How do I do that?

A. Keep the webmaster informed of any address changes, especially regular USPS mailing address changes. Email addresses too, because email keeps you in the loop. If you wish to contact a specific person in our class, email or write to the webmaster saying so, and he will forward your note to that person by email, if possible, or by snail mail. They, in turn, will contact you, if they so choose.

Please check the "Missing" list for people I cannot contact, the Do Not Contact list for those classmates who don't want to hear from you, the list of those who are very sick and thus cannot be contacted, and finally the Deceased list for those nobody can contact without a medium. We can contact everyone else, because we at least have a mailing address. See Roster.
Q. So how can I contact the webmaster?

A. Information on how to contact the webmaster is found at the bottom of this page, and almost every other page on this website, below the horizontal red line.

The term webmaster on this site is much like the Maestro on Seinfeld. It annoys everyone but I insist on it....just kidding! It is really Bill Nisbet.
Q. How can I post a notice on the "Bulletin Board" section on the Announcements & Bulletin Board Page?

A. Simply send your notice to the webmaster in an email message. I will post it on that page for you. At present, there is no mechanism in place to allow you to do this automatically. Please keep your Notice in line with the notice guidelines (see "Site Policies" below).
Q. How can I post photos on the Images From Fellow Classmates Page?

A. Email your photo(s) to the webmaster as an attachment to your email message. I will post it on that page for you. If you don't have a scanner, or cannot send your image by email message, please just ask and I will help you. Please check the image guidelines (see Site Policies below).   Newest information on how to send in photos is found here.   [Opens in a new window - no need to hit back arrow]   Even though we haven't lost one yet, if it was me I would only trust copies of photos to the US mail, not the originals.

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Site Policies

We do not post addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses on this site without expressed permission. We do not sell or loan mailing addresses, or give copies of our database to anyone outside the class. A few of your classmates who are helping me keep the list current and accurate have a working copy. Be aware that search engines will eventually find everything here.

Considering our generation I know I don't have to spell this out, but please bear with me. This site is about getting in touch and keeping in touch with your classmates. I will not post bulletins containing any of the following topics: politics; religion; causes, lost or otherwise; requests for charitable or other donations; advertising; obscenities; and the like. In other words, this is not a public forum. Sorry about the negativity but I felt it necessary to state these limitations.

You can post images that will show up
here. In general these should be from our school years up through high school. A few recent photos for contrast and our amusement are just fine. Please, if there are any questions or problems, just ask for me for help.

For names to be added to the list of Those Who Have Passed Away require independent verification. Happily, I was able to remove three individuals from this list that I originally updated, but I still felt great embarrassment and consternation. I hope these errors caused no pain or problems for anyone before they were corrected. You can see why I must have verification from several sources or a copy of the actual obituary write-up before adding to this list. Please don't let this stop you from notifying me of any changes; just be aware the information won't be posted immediately.

Names to be added to the list of Those Who Do Not Want to be Contacted should be sent to the webmaster with details. As sad as it seems, we have classmates that do not want to hear from anyone, for whatever reason. Also, some are so sick that they cannot be contacted. In either case, let the webmaster know if you don't want to hear from anyone, or can verify a classmate is too sick to be contacted. Conversely, if your name is on the list and you want it removed, simply email the address information that we need to the webmaster at the bottom of this page.

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About This Site

This site, bhs60.wfnisbet.com, was voted into existence by members, spouses, relatives and friends of the Beverly High School Class of 1960 who attended the 2001 "40 + 1" reunion held on July 28, 2001. Details are here on the Notices & Announcements Archive Page. It was designed and implemented by Bill Nisbet (BHS '60), who is also the current webmaster. The latest information on how to reach him is at the bottom of this page.

The initial costs to the BHS Class of 1960 for website hosting were a $15.00 one-time setup charge and a $8.95 per month fee. Annual URL registration, at the time normally $35 per year, was included in those fees. Expenses were privately covered up to April 2002, at which time BHS '60 got its own domain name (bhs60.com). The first year was paid for in advance, April 2002 through March 2003, for a total of $122.40. This could have been subject to adjustment should upload quotas be exceeded (not likely at all), or by future fee increases.

As of early May, 2003, the 2nd year website hosting fees were paid in advance through March 2004.

As of early summer, 2004, the 3rd year website hosting fees were paid in advance through March 2005.

The above website hosting expenses were taken out of the donations to our BHS '60 class made by your generous classmates made back in 2001. You can see who they are here.

As of April 2005, we have website sponsors. Click to see Our Website Sponsors

All labor is donated. The Beverly High School Class of 1960 holds the copyrights on design and content. Those of the photos and other images belong to the person who submitted them.

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Our Sponsors

<== Special Ongoing Thanks! ==>
Herman Lemp, BHS '60
  (see note above)

Dave Quinlan, BHS '60
Nancy (Craig) Boucher, BHS '60
Bruce Harting, BHS '80
Hugh McCabe, BHS '60
William F. Nisbet, BHS '60
Al Nunes, BHS '60
Linda (Publicover) Neilson, BHS '60
Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole, BHS '60
Roberta J. Rimari, BHS '60
William Stanley, BHS '60
Don Stetson, BHS '60       [on two occasions]
Pat (Swift) Gajdosik, BHS '60
Paul Weinberg, BHS '58

Click to See How You Can Become a Supporter

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Thanks & Acknowledgements

I had a lot of help with both this website and in locating "lost" classmates. Many thanks to the following people in particular, and to all those others who provided clues, address corrections, images, and support. If you don't see your name on this list and think it belongs here, it is an oversight, certainly not deliberate. My apologies and please let me know - don't be shy. Contact information is at the bottom of this page. List is in alphabetical order by first name.

Alan Barbeau '58
Bill Shay '59
Bruce Harting, BHS '80
Charles Fiory
Charles (Fred) Gabriel
John Parmenter
Judy (Greenleaf) Briggs
                    [She was Secretary of Beverly - Florida Reunion Committee]
Nancy (Craig) Boucher
Patricia (Swift) Gajdosik
Patricia (Toll) Bell
Paul Weinberg '58
Primilla (Bailey) Young
Rosalind (Barnett) Cunningham
Rowena (Robinson) Flynn
Sally (Stickens) Johnson '59
Sandra (Innis) Feeney
Sandra (Toneatti) MacKay
Scott Woodman
Tommy Lawler

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This Website is Sponsored by Generous Donations For This Purpose - Click to See Our Sponsors
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