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Beverly High School Class of 1960

2005 45th Reunion Page

(Angelica's, Saturday night, August 27, Route 114, Middleton)

BHS 1960 Connections

pic ID pszenny-1
Diane (Hubbard) Flanders, Jo-An Pszenny, Sandra (Hubbard) Atwood, Jane (Lavoie) Frechette
Jo-An Pszenny Photo

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  Your Generous Classmates Who Donated Money
  2005 Reunion Committee
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  Reunion Invitations Were Sent Out April 18, 2005
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Who Had Paid Reunion Reservations
(About 5 on this list did not show up)

Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole1
Anita (Maistrellis) Buchanan2
Barbara (Dumphy) Hoar1
Bruce Turner2
Carol (Thibodeau) Marciano2
Carol Ann (Lamprey) Poole1
Carol L. (Nickolson) Clark1
Charles Moser2
Charlie Fiory2
Charlotte (Lefavour) Turner2
Curtis E. Jones, Jr.2
David Hackett1
Diana (Standley) Jason1
Diane (Hubbard) Flanders2
Donald R. Stetson1
Donna (Green) Poirier2
Donna (Reeves) Pope1
Elaine (Stickens) McIntyre2
Faye (Nyland) Somes2
Glen Terry2
Gordon Weeks2
Gunter Mueller2
Helen (Faulkner) Fraser2
Jane (Lavoie) Frechette2
Jane (Troiani) Olszewski1
Janice (Tilson) Thomas1
Jean (Santin) Normand2
Jeanne (LeClaire) Cammett2
Jimmy Barton1
Jimmy George2
Joan E. Heaney-Levesque2
Joan Fairbank1
Jo-An F. Pszenny1
John & Rose Ann (Galluzzi) Hadley2
John Longval2
John Warner2
Joseph Coppola2
Judith (St. Charles) Odiorne1
Judith Haszard1
Kathleen (Powers) Johnson1
Kathy Healey1
Leonard Roberts2
Linda (Publicover) Neilson2
Linda J. (Powers) Pouliot1
Linda (Ray) Macomber2
Louis Cellineri2
Lorraine (Wait) Dupont1
Nancy (Craig) Boucher1
Nancy (Gray) Butler2
Marie (Beauleau) Frost1
Neil Whittredge2
Paul Norris2
Paul Rhuda2
Peter Copelas2
Peter Vaccaro2
Primilla (Bailey) Young2
Ralph R. Becker1
Robert Pinciaro2
Roberta (Sigman) Jones2
Roger Armstrong2
Ronald A. Poole1
Rowena (Robinson) Flynn4
Roy Husson '592
Sandra (Hubbard) Atwood2
Sandra (Innis) Feeney2
Sandy (Toneatti) Mackay1
Sean & Virginia (Pitman) McCarthy2
Thomas Bailey2
Thomas Lawler2
Thomas T. Riquier2
Victor Bernson2
Wayne Dupont1
William Cook2
William Moody2
William F. Nisbet2
William Pietrini2
William Quigley III2
William Squibb2
William Stanley2

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Classmates Who Donated Money

Many thanks to our generous classmates who gave money to the BHS Class of 1960 for the 45th Reunion, and to keep our official website up and running. Their generosity allowed us to make our 45th reunion even better than the last one. One specific thing is that we have hired the New Life Band, a professional six piece band that was terrific. We could not have done this for the entry price of $35 per head; it would have been around $45 per head. So, in no particular order:

Nancy (Craig) Boucher  <== New
Don Aucone  <== New
Nancy (Gray) Butler
Sandra (Innis) Feeney
John Warner
Elaine C. Frazier
Brooke (Chapman) Hatch
Helen (Faulkner) Fraser
Linda (Publicover) Neilson
William Stanley
Maureen (Darcy) Twarog
Carol (Thibodeau) Marciano
Paul Rhuda
Primilla (Bailey) Young
William Quigley III
William Cook
Roberta (Sigman) Jones
Linda (Ray) Macomber
Louis Cellineri
Paul Norris
Charles Moser
Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole
Wayne Dupont
Al Baisuck
Judith (St. Charles) Odiorne
Gordon Weeks
Charlie Fiory
Barbara (Dumphy) Hoar
Anita (Maistrellis) Buchanan
Thomas T. Riquier
Ralph R. Becker
John & Rose Ann (Galluzzi) Hadley
Donald R. Stetson

The BHS Class of 1960 Thanks You!
Please Keep Those Donations Coming - We're Planning More Newsletters

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BHS 45th Reunion 2005 Committee

List of Final Members
BHS '60 Reunion Committee

Barbara (Dumphy) Hoar      bsummertime@comcast.net     
Kathryn Healey      (n/a)      Co-Chair / Co-Treasurer
William F. Nisbet      brandy_pond@yahoo.com      Co-Chair / Webmaster
Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole      astack101142@hotmail.com      Secretary / Newsletter
Leonhard F. Roberts      cringekids@aol.com     
Rowena (Robinson) Flynn      rowenaflynn@roadrunner.com      Publicity
William Stanley      bill.stanley001@gmail.com     
Lorraine (Wait) Dupont      nanadupont@verizon.net      Treasurer

Current Active Subcommittee Volunteers
[Not on Committee]

Primilla (Bailey) Young      queenprim25@verizon.net      Newsletter Editor

At the Meeting of October 22, 2004
Click Picture to Enlarge

Click Picture to Enlarge
l. to r. Barbara (Dumphy) Hoar, Kathy Healey, Bill Nisbet,
Jeanne (LeClair) Cammett, Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole,
Lori (Wait) Dupont, Rowena (Robinson) Flynn


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Help Us Keep in Touch

As we move toward the 45th reunion in 2005, the biggest help you can provide is keep us informed of mailing and email address changes, so we can stay in touch. Please remind others of this, too, should the occasion arise. Thanks!

Perhaps you know where one of our "lost" classmates can be found? See up-to-date lists here:

Go to Our Missing Classmates Page

Check Our "Newly Missing" List

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Official Reunion Announcement

Click Here For
45th Reunion Announcement (Final Version)

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