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Beverly High School Class of 1960

2010 50th Three-Event Reunion Weekend

Photos by Rowena (Robinson) Flynn Unless Otherwise Noted

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The Reunion - Friday Aug 6
"Casual Night" - Saturday Aug 7
BHS Alumni Breakfast - Sunday Aug 8

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Our 50th Reunion
Friday Night, August 6, 2010

More 50th Reunion Photos Here

Tupper Hall
Endicott College Photo

50th Venue
Our 50th Venue
Tupper Interior
Endicott College Photo

And It's On the Ocean
Wylie Inn
Endicott College Photo

Wylie Inn Next Door
Right Next Door!
Wylie Interior
Endicott College Photo

Wylie Inn Interior
Walk to the Reunion from Here!
Everyone's Glad You Came!!
Endicott College Photo

longer viewr
You Can Stay Right On Campus!

  Fantastic Venue - Endicott College Campus
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  50th Reunion Photos Begin Here      <== 11/26/2010 (Lorna Gasperoni)
  50th Reunion Auxiliary Photo Page      <== 11/26/2010 New photo (Gasperonis)
  Classmates Who Had Paid Ticket Reservations, w/Head Shots      <== 11/26/2010
  Donations List
  Your 2010 Reunion Committee
  Background, Invitations, & Such      <== as of 12/29/2010 New Link
  Please Help Us Stay in Touch!

  2010 "Casual Night"      <== 10/03/10  9 More photos
  2010 BHS Alumni Breakfast

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News About This Page
from Bill Nisbet, Webmaster & Communications

50th was fantastic! Having no band was a stroke of genius. Everyone just hung around and talked. There was more circulating among the tables than usual. Food was very good. Venue was probably better than any BHS class to date. There was a fantastic video, in color, of BHS '60 dressed up and attending a reception at Rosalind Barnett's house just before our senior prom - Roz had an 8mm color movie put on DVD. It played over and over all night. The reunion seems even more special to me as time goes by.

Rowena (Robinson) Flynn took about 170 photos. Headshots are linked to names on the 50th Attendees list. There are 3 classmates for whom we do not have a photo from the three event reunion weekend. Perhaps you have one to share with us to help complete this page?

Joseph Coppola
Gail (Freedman) Melson
Elaine (Stickens) McIntyre

Someday, perhaps write-ups, thoughts, impressions, and the like, from you will be added, if you care to send me some for inclusion here. See contact information link at the bottom of this and most other pages on this website.

Rosalind (Barnett) Cunningham's original 8mm film (referenced above) is available for viewing by anyone, as it is out on YouTube with public access. Click here to view. This will open in another window - no need to hit back arrow.

Reworded, October 10, 2010

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  Official 50th Reunion Invitation
  50th Reunion Ticket Reservation Form
  BHS Alumni Breakfast Ticket Order Form
  May 2010 - 50th Newsletter
  Feb 2010 - 50th Newsletter
  Area Accommodations 
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Note: Dress Code was (are you ready for this?)
Tupper Wear

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[Click Thumbnails to Enlarge]

click to enlarge A. Raymond Stackpole*1
click to enlarge Rowena, Our Photographer
click to enlarge Jane Troiani Olszewski
click to enlarge Kathy & Dave Dove
click to enlarge Roz Barnett Cunningham
click to enlarge Bill & Barbara Cook
click to enlarge Ken & Sandy Innis Feeney
click to enlarge Fran & Paul Norris
click to enlarge Fred & Sue MacKenzie
click to enlarge Jim & Linda George
click to enlarge Linda Publicover/Fowlers
click to enlarge Bruce & Gisela Turner
click to enlarge Sharon & Roger Armstrong
click to enlarge Carole Thibodeau Marciano
click to enlarge Bill & Barbara Moody
click to enlarge Don Stetson
click to enlarge Rosemary Tagney Smith
click to enlarge Kathy Healey
click to enlarge Diane Hubbard Flanders
click to enlarge Bill Nisbet & Ann M.
click to enlarge Martha Joseph / Ann M.
click to enlarge Hinda Katz Stirling
click to enlarge Bob & Judy Ireland
click to enlarge Cindy & Glenn Terry
click to enlarge Priscilla & Don Aucone

Classmates Who Had Paid Ticket Reservations
Click Name to See Head Shot - Hit Back Arrow to Return
(Photos by Rowena Robinson Unless Otherwise Noted)

Susan Allison
George Andrews
Don Aucone
Roger Armstrong
Primilla (Bailey) Young
Thomas Bailey
Rosalind (Barnett) Cunningham
Lou Cellineri
Grace (Cloyd) Meyer
Geraldine (Connolly) Overberg
William H. Cook
Francis Conte
Peter Copelas
Joseph Coppola  *2
Anne Couhig
Nancy (Craig) Boucher
Jack DeLaria, MD
Larry Dedeo
David Dove
Barbara (Dumphy) Hoar
Carole Ann (Earley) Adams
Ronnie-Sue (Fireman) Katz
Michele (Frasca) Raffoni
Gail (Freedman) Melson  *2
Charles (Fred) Gabriel*
Rose-Anne (Galluzzi) Hadley
Jimmy George
Rosemary (Gobeille) Gongas
Nancy (Gray) Butler  *1
Donna (Green) Poirier
David Hackett
John Hadley
Judith Haszard
Kathy Healey
Don Henderson
Greg Hill  *1
Diane (Hubbard) Flanders
Sandra (Hubbard) Atwood
Sandra (Innis) Feeney
Bob Ireland
Martha (Joseph) Stavropoulos
Alan Kaplan
Hinda (Katz) Stirling
Lorna (Kransberg) Gasperoni  *3
Charlotte (Lefavour) Turner
Jane (Lavoie) Frechette
Tom Lawler
Fred T. MacKenzie, DMD
Anita (Maistrellis) Buchanan
John Marletta
Jack Maxner
Hugh McCabe
Sean McCarthy
Barbara (Menesale) Standley
Ellie (Meyer) Blackwell
Ann (Minigan) Fournier
Bill Moody
Pat (Morrill) Lowd
Larry Murch
William F. Nisbet
Paul Noren
Paul Norris
Patricia (Obear) Gentile
Reanne (Painchaud) Normand
Nancy (Pecunies) Fowler
Willie Pietrini
Grace (Pillman) Hughes*
Virginia (Pitman) McCarthy
Ronald A. Poole*
Kathy (Powers) Johnson
Linda (Powers) Pouliot
Jo-An Pszenny
Linda (Publicover) Neilson
Bill Quigley
Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole  *1
Paul Rhuda
Roberta Rimari
Tom Riquier
Rowena (Robinson) Flynn
Allen Ryan
Judi (St. Charles) Odiorne
Roberta (Sigman) Jones
Jean (Santin) Normand
Bill Squibb
Bill Stanley
Donald Stetson
Elaine (Stickens) McIntyre  *2
Rosemary Tagney
Glenn Terry
Carole (Thibodeau) Marciano
Janice (Tillson) Thomas
Dolores (Tognacci) McCallum
Pat (Toll) Bell
Jane (Troiani) Olszewski
Bruce Turner
Peter Vaccaro
Lori (Wait) Dupont
John Warner
Gordon Weeks*
Neal F. Whittredge*

*=No Show   *1=Linda (Publicover) Neilson Photo   
*2=Photo N/A, do you have one?  *3 Lorna's photo from 2009

Note: List does not include guests. Paid attendance was 165,
including 5 no-shows.

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Due to space limitations, captions are not complete. Spouses are often omitted. Not everyone is properly identified. Picture placement is random. All questions are gladly answered; simply ask the webmaster usings the links at the bottom of this page. We're sorry if anyone feels slighted here. Please tell me what you think - opinions and ideas welcome. Help by someone that knows HTML even more welcome. Please report errors, omissions, dead links, etc. Thanks in advance.

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Donations List

Many, many thanks to those generous classmates who gave money to the BHS Class of 1960 for our 50th Reunion, to keep our official website up and running, and to finance additional editions of our official BHS 1960 Connections newsletter and other communications. Their generosity helped make our 50th reunion the best one of all, and have made it possible to stay in touch with the members of our class on into the future. No one has yet to seriously look beyond our 50th reunion, so what we will do in the future is not yet clear, but being thought about. All funds will be put to good use for the benefit of our class, you can be certain.

Susan Allison
George Andrews
Roger Armstrong
Allen Baisuck*
Primilla (Bailey) Young
Lou Cellineri
William H. Cook
Joseph Coppola
Maureen (Darcy) Twarog*
Jack DeLaria, MD
Larry Dedeo
Barbara (Dumphy) Hoar
Elaine C. Frazier*
Rose-Anne (Galluzzi) Hadley
Donna (Green) Poirier
John Hadley
Diane (Hubbard) Flanders
Sandra (Innis) Feeney
Bob Ireland
Martha (Joseph) Stavropoulos
Charlotte (Lefavour) Turner
Anita (Maistrellis) Buchanan
Bill Moody
Pat (Morrill) Lowd
Paul Noren
Willie Pietrini
Grace (Pillman) Hughes
Ronald A. Poole*
Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole
Paul Rhuda
Roberta Rimari
Allen Ryan
Judi (St. Charles) Odiorne
Roberta (Sigman) Jones
Bill Stanley
Elaine (Stickens) McIntyre
Glenn Terry
Carole (Thibodeau) Marciano
Dolores (Tognacci) McCallum
Jane (Troiani) Olszewski
Bruce Turner
John Warner
Gordon Weeks*
Elaine (Zeitzoff) Leppo*

* Did not attend the reunion.

See Also Our Website Sponsors

Note: Some on this list did not attend the reunion for one reason or another, yet they have not forgotten their classmates. Many thanks to those on this list!! Rest assured your donation will be put to good use.

The BHS Class of 1960 Thanks You!
NOTE: If you donated money to our class and your name is not on this
list, please let the webmaster know using the links at the bottom
of this page. It is a bookkeeping error or oversight that needs
correction. Apologies for any mistakes here in advance.

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Your 50th Reunion Committees

BHS '60 Reunion Committee

Kathryn Healey    (n/a)    Co-Chair / Co-Treasurer
William Stanley    Email Bill    Co-Chair
Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole    Email Andy    Secretary / Newsletter
Lorraine (Wait) Dupont    Email Lori    Treasurer
Rowena (Robinson) Flynn    Email Rowena    Our Photographer/Publicity
Barbara (Dumphy) Hoar    Email Barbara   
Diane (Hubbard) Flanders    Email Diane     


Current Active Subcommittee Volunteers
[Not on Committee]

Primilla (Bailey) Young    Email Prim    BHS 1960 Connections, Editor
William F. Nisbet    Contact Bill    Communications & Webmaster

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Help Us Keep in Touch

As we move forward from our 50th reunion, the biggest help you can provide is keep us informed of mailing and email address changes, so we can stay in touch. More than likely there will be future class events, and a third edition of BHS 1960 Connections. Please remind others of this, too, should the occasion arise. Thanks!

Perhaps you know where one of our "lost" classmates can be found? See up-to-date lists here:

Go to Our Missing Classmates List

Also Check Our Newly Lost Classmates List

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Click to See More 50th Reunion Photos

[Click Thumbnails to Enlarge]

click to enlarge Niles / Lori Wait Dupont
click to enlarge Dave & Prim Bailey Young
click to enlarge R. & Ellie Meyer Blackwell
click to enlarge Bill Squibb & Lorelei
click to enlarge Tom & Carolyn Lawler
click to enlarge Roberta Rimari
click to enlarge Debbie & Tom Riquier
click to enlarge Linda Powers Pouliot
click to enlarge Paul & Pinky Rhuda
click to enlarge John & Chickie Warner
click to enlarge Gene & Jean Santin Norman
click to enlarge Carolyn & John Marletta
click to enlarge Judi St. Charles Odiorne
click to enlarge Michele Frasca Raffoni
click to enlarge Kathy Powers Johnson
click to enlarge Allen & Diane Ryan
click to enlarge Bill & Marion Stanley
click to enlarge Barbara Hoar / J. Maxner
click to enlarge Pat Obear / Reanne P.
click to enlarge Pat Toll Bell
click to enlarge Sally & Willie Pietrini
click to enlarge Cathy & Paul Noren
click to enlarge Grace Cloyd Meyer
click to enlarge Nancy Craig Boucher
click to enlarge Charlotte LeFavour Turner

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BHS Alumni Breakfast - 2010
BHS '60 Eligible For the 1st Time This Year
Sunday Morning, August 8, 2010

Danversport Yacht Club
Note on Program  ===>

When you click on the first page of the event program to the right, a large readable version will open in a new window. Click on that to see page 2, click on page 2 to see page 3, and so on. No need to hit back arrow. Pages will loop in ascending order.
Program w/ List of Attendees

2010 Program

Sunday, August 8, 2010

pic ID alum1a.jpg pic ID alum2a.jpg pic ID alum3a.jpg pic ID alum4a.jpg
pic ID alum5a.jpg pic ID alum6a.jpg pic ID alum7a.jpg

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