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10/09/15:    Sad News, Coach Jenkins Died

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Obituary for William Arthur Jenkins was first brought to my attention when posted on Facebook by Terri (Farmer) Mikszenas '64, on 09/22/2015. Clipping from newspaper supplied by Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole, '60.

HAMILTON- “Coach” Bill Jenkins died on September 12, 2015 in the Kaplan Family Hospice House in Danvers, at the age of 87, from Parkinson’s disease. He was the husband of Vivianne (Bouchard) Jenkins with whom he shared 64 years of marriage.

William Arthur Jenkins was born in Dorchester, MA on February 14, 1928. He attended grade school in Merrimack, NH. Graduated from Jamaica Plain High School where he participated in Track & Field and won the 1947 New England Long Jump Championship. He received a B.A. at Boston University in physical education and participated in Track & Field. He spent two years in the Mass. National Guard.

He taught and coached track in Milford, NH, Beverly, Watertown and Danvers. He was inducted in the Mass. Track Coaches Hall of Fame, the Beverly High School Hall of Fame, as well as the Danvers High School Hall of Fame. He was a counselor and bus driver at the Beverly YMCA Day Camp where he took campers camping and climbing in the White Mountains. He received a patch from the Appalachian Mountain Club for recognition of having climbed all the mountains over 4000 Ft. in NH.

He was the first New England Regional director of the American Volksport Association. He walked in all fifty states, all the Canadian provinces, in Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Austria, Ireland, Finland and Spain. He received a Distinguished Achievement Award from the American Volksport Association.

He served as Treasurer of the Hamilton Golden Agers, and served on the Board of the Hamilton Council on Aging.

Besides his wife, Vivianne, he is survived by six children; Christine Eldred, Kevin Jenkins, Giselle McCowan, Cynthia Mancuso, Josette Davis and Shawn Jenkins. He has fifteen grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren. He was predeceased by his sister, Marguerite Brooks.

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Thanks to Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole for newspaper clipping!

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10/10/15:    More Sad News - Bob Kerr, BHS '59, husband of our Rosalie (Pinciaro) Kerr, BHS '60

Click first two images to enlarge!

Click Image to Enlarge Click Image to Enlarge Kerr in Color

Thanks to Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole for newspaper clipping!

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Beware of All "Reunion" Pay Sites

All self-described "reunion" and "find your long lost classmates" type websites are suspect, at the very least, and if you have to pay to join, or to get access to advanced features, positively so. The only way you might find anyone is if that person also happens to join the same website you did. These sites publish false entries with actual names of some of your classmates. Think of a fisherman baiting a hook, or putting out a chum line (chump line, in this case). Some of us joined one of these years ago, and proved this. Because I knew the actual location of 300+ member of BHS '60 at that time, I could spot the bogus entries immediately.

If you have to pay, don't stay

You can positively trust beverlyhighalumni.com - Beverly High Alumni [Will open in a new window - no need to hit back arrow]. That one is for all BHS classes. It was developed, and is still maintained, by Karen Christensen, Tucson AZ, BHS Class of '86. It is a totally free service and is sponsored by Beverly High School. Understand, it is a totally separate entity from our official website (bhs60.com), where you are now, reading this. I encourage you to add a short biography out there. Right now there are over 90 of our classmates who have done that. There were some out there before this website was created, so I thought it would work better if that continued.

[This notice is in response to several queries from our classmates]

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Please Tell the Webmaster When Any of Your Address(es) Change:
[Webmaster Contact Information is at bottom of this, and most other, pages]

We have a few email addresses become invalid from time to time. Please let us know if any of your information changes, including email address or United States Postal Service [USPS] regular mailing address. The USPS list usually gets longer right after a mass mailing to everyone. Please contact Webmaster using the links found at the bottom of this page.

We are at the age when many are retiring, downsizing, seasonally living in two places, moving in with the kids (just kidding, anyway I realize it is not funny), etc. If you do not keep in touch, over time as we go on it will become far more difficult to locate everyone, not as easy as it was for our 50th reunion in 2010, and that was tough enough. See the address information that we need for everyone, and why:

Thanks in advance!!

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A Note About Facebook

There are quite a few of our BHS '60 classmates that now have a Facebook page. Facebook is the number one social networking website worldwide. It allows you to easily keep in touch with many friends at the same time. It is a bit superficial, but fun. There are others from classes that were at BHS with us, those in BHS '58, '59, '61, '62. People you know are joining all the time.

Check Out Facebook
[Will open in a new window - no need to hit back arrow]

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07/27/07:    Sad News

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08/20/06:    Sad News - Chester A. Battis Passed Away

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bulletin board

Bulletin Board
Posted by Your Classmates

07/30/11 - Good News About Gail (Kirby) Moore

Really good news for a change. Gail (Kirby) Moore is alive and well in St. Petersburg, Florida, and she would like to hear from you. Gail is no longer incommunicado, so she is off our "Cannot Contact List." Many thanks to Willie Pietrini for the detective work leading to this happy news!!

You Can Write to Her Directly:

Gail (Kirby) Moore c/o Mary's Garden
6067 17th Ave N
St Petersburg FL 33710


You Can Send Her Email    <=== Not so as of 08/21/12, email address now unknown
You Can Call Her on the Phone
(See below for details)

From Kelly Moore, Gail's Daughter

A William Petrini was able to get in touch with me- looking for my Mom. Well, she is alive and kicking in St Petersburg, FL!! She had a massive brain aneurism, 12 years ago, but has made a miraculous recovery ( for the most part). Her short term memory is affected- but not her long term at all. She would be excited and thrilled to no end to receive snail mail! People can email me at my address (kelly@brattwear.com), and I will make sure she gets those too. I will give out her phone number to people who contact me, after I check with Gail first.

We LOVED the clip of the pre-prom party [on the Greeting/Counter Page].

Kelly Moore
Email Kelly - kelly@brattwear.com
Brattain Merchandising - Kelly's Website

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02/16/11 - from Stephen T. Mugglebee, BHS '59

Bill, here is the notice that went out to the members of the class of 59. The response has been great and I think a buzz is starting to spread around Beverly as people read the story and try to figure out if they are the model for one of the characters. Beverly is also prominent in one scene in the story. Many do not have kindle eReaders, and as mentioned in the Notice, amazon.com/kindle offers free software to download the book on other eReaders and even computers (PCs and Macs). I hope you read and enjoy the book. I am getting ready to have it published on iTunes and Barnes & Noble Nook by the end of the month. In the meantime, I would like to get your class in on the fun and the class of 61 (my wife's class), so if the Notice can be posted on your class website, it would be helpful. Any questions, just give a holler. Click to enlarge

Regards, Steve

[...] Greetings from Steve Mugglebee:

I remember each of you fondly and it is about time I honored all of you and the town that contributed so much to us getting a good start in life. History is determinative of what is great and history has long since determined the class of '59 was one of the best. I'm proud to say I am a member.

In honor of the class, I am announcing my latest novel, MACKENSIE HEAT, is now available to the public as an eBook. I certainly hope you enjoy the story and the writing, but the real reason behind this announcement is to make you aware of my small homage to our shared childhood and to some individuals with whom I shared a special bond. I leave it to your imagination as to who is immortalized in print by name or character (some are more discernible than others), but you are all there in some way.

The publishing business has changed, and recently the new buzz word is "ePub." Those of you who have an iSomething, or Kindles, Nooks, etc., will know the drill, and can go to iTunes eBooks, or Amazon Kindle to download MACKENSIE HEAT. At Amazon Kindle eBooks select the category "fiction" and type in MACKENSIE HEAT. The cost is $0.99 - they would not let me sell it for free. Those without an eReader, can download the book to their computer by getting Kindle eBook software application (free) for Mac or PC (@Amazon.com/Kindle). The instructions on using the apps are easy to follow. If all else fails, send me a message and I will see that you get a copy of the manuscript.

I ask in return that you not be shy about telling your friends and relatives to download a copy. Tell them you used to hang out with the author and you are one of the characters in the story. It's probably true. The major publishing houses now track the number of downloads during a specific time period for each eBook. When a new title reaches a certain number, or receives favorable reviews, they buy it from the author and then start charging retail. If that happens, and I certainly hope it does, I will see to it that everyone in the class who wants one will still get an eBook copy for $0.99.

MACKENSIE HEAT, in case you are wondering, is an action-packed, high-tech, "who-done-it" set in and around Boston, and written similar to the old "Spencer" novels by Robert B. Parker. The mystery is clever and probably a little too real for those in the world of high finance. After reading it, I guarantee you will think twice the next time you pull out a credit card.

Enjoy the story. If you get a chance drop me a note at stmugglebee@me.com. Here is a picture of the cover so you know you have the right book.

Steve Mugglebee

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11/02/08  Reworked - from Bill Nisbet, regarding Nancy (Pedrick)(Smith) Mairs, BHS '60

Click on book cover to read article
Nancy Mairs: How I Became a Treasure

[Click on book cover to read article - will open in new window]

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04/04/06 - from Charles (Chuck) Deering, '63

Bill: I am the brother of Ann Deering. She suffered brain damage as a result of an accident on New Year's Eve 1963/1964 as well as a lot of [other] physical problems. It was a hit and run accident by a car as she was walking home from the train. However, she persevered for many years and finally got married to Gary Lucas and lived in Clearwater, FL before she passed away from an apparent heart attack in 1994 or 1995. I do not have a copy of the obituary.

This is sad news, indeed, and a tragic story. Thanks for the information. Isn't it amazing how a pedestrian accident near a train station became a railroad accident? And also how serious injuries became a fatal accident? This is why I always check things out as carefully as I can. I was never able to locate Ann, so she probably never learned of this website, and what her classmates were up to. It is really sad. [Bill Nisbet]

On April 13, 2006, good 'ole Bill Shay, '59, our detective, provided the webmaster with a copy of Ann's Florida Death Index record that shows the DOD is May 6, 1994, in Largo, Florida. Thanks, Bill! [Bill Nisbet]

09/18/08:  Further sad news. I saw in the September 1, 2008 "Salem News" that Charles (Chuck) Deering, '63 himself, passed away in The Villages, Florida, on June 9, 2008, after a lengthy battle with cancer. [Bill Nisbet]

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01/18/06 - from Beverly (Knowlton) Fournier

Hoping you can post a message on the BHS site...[I'm trying]...to find Nancy Chabot [maiden name] of either the class of 1959 or 1960. I forget if she was in the other 4th grade at Washington School, or was a grade ahead of me, but we were good friends until her family moved to California, and we gradually lost touch. She had cousins living in Beverly though.

Best regards,

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Walter Winchell

09/01/05 - Roberta (Sigman) Jones asked me if the daily, 2nd floor, 15 minute promenade prior to homeroom was invented by our class, the BHS Class of 1960? I have no idea, so I thought this would be a great question to toss out to the class. Roberta asks because her older brother does not remember such a thing when he was at Beverly High School. So...did we invent that?

Bill Nisbet (Webmaster)

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08/18/05 - From Joe Burke (brother), on Kathleen Burke

To the Class of 1960:

I want to provide additional information on my dear sister, Kathleen (Kathy) Burke. I note that she is included among the "Do Not Contact" list and that she appears on that list because of serious illness. It would be wonderful if there could be contact with Kathy, but unfortunately it would be to no avail. A number of years ago, Kathy was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease, which we initially thought to be a form of mid-life depression. The disease progressed to the point where Kathy no longer speaks or has recall, and she must be confined to a nursing home. She resides in a home in Connecticut near her children and grandchildren, and rests comfortably.

I know that Kathy would love to be among her classmates. She spoke so often of her great fondness of Beverly and of her many wonderful friends with whom she grew up and attended BHS. Even as her lucidity diminished, the mention of Beverly and "old Beverly friends" would bring wide smiles to her face, a gleam in her eyes and happy laughter.

I did see the picture of Andy and Joyce and Kathy and Bobby. It brings back many great memories of those wonderful years. They were a "foursome" throughout high school. In fact, I talked at length with Bobby about two years ago. He was very saddened by Kathy's illness, but spoke of all the good times and good days that he and Kathy had when they were an item.

On behalf of Kathy Burke, her family wishes much happiness to the Members of the Class of 1960. We wish you well and congratulations on your 45th reunion.

Very best regards,
Joe Burke

11/04/09:  Further sad news. I saw in the November 1, 2009 "Salem News", in Kathy Burke's obituary, that she was predeceased by her brother Joe. I have no further information. [Bill Nisbet]

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10/01/05 - From Rhoda Briggs '62

1964 Photo Courtesy of Rhoda Briggs

This picture of Mary Jane is her college grad [1964] picture. I know M.J. would be happy to know that she won't be forgotten by the Class of '60.

07/26/05 - From Rhoda Briggs '62, sister of Mary Jane (Briggs) Bampos

Mary Jane Briggs died of a rare form of cancer (liver) on Oct. 27, 1983 in W, Springfield, MA where she lived with her husband, Paul Bampos. They were married for six years. Paul is now deceased. She was age 41 when she passed away. Mary Jane was a graduate of UMASS in Amherst with a degree in elementary education and a minor in art. She was a charter member of Sigma Sigma Sigma at UMASS. For 19 years she taught fifth grade class in the W. Springfield school system, some years with the gifted children. Later she became the elementary art teacher. Her hobbies included traveling, oil and water color painting, ceramics, stain glass and gourmet cooking. She was on the school committee. The most remarkable thing about Mary Jane was the number of friends she had. She was never wealthy, but she had a wealth of friends. She is currently survived by her son, Neal Maillet of Calif, her sister, Rhoda Briggs of Danvers BHS '62, and her mother, Eleanor Briggs, age 90.

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12/19/03 - From Fred Gabriel:

Salem News Photo Does anyone remember the big old train coming up out of the tunnel in the middle of salem square, and the snow falling while you were standing in front of the old sears and roebuck while the choo choo puffed its way up the ramp? and the almys, and the planters peanut man across the street giving out samples. the hustle of a little town at christmas time, eating up by the progress of shopping malls. god. i would give anything if someone had some pictures of salem in its hay day, during christmas . as far as that goes, beverly, and all the little towns, i don/t think i like change after you think of the wonderful , warmness, of the little towns cheer. and decorations. can you think back of how much fun it was to sit at woolworths, or grants soda fountain, having a root beer float, or a vanilla milk shake. and a hamburger, and fries back then was just like mamma was out back in the kitchen. and to this day i have never seen or met a better santa claus than charlie bucci, in the christmas parade.!! God, we grew up in great era, and community.!! bill, do you think i am feeling a little homesick, and melancholy? i do every christmas season. may God bless our beverly high school alumni, and each and everyone who has been fortunate enough to grow up in that era. and a merry christmas to all.

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12/07/03 - From Primilla (Bailey) Young:

Jack Delaria's notice caught my attention. So, I decided to check it out using the internet and this is what I found.

It is true that Beverly Hills California was started by someone from Beverly. To quote from official history of Beverly Hills: "After land failed to produce oil, it was purchased by Rodeo Land and Water Company, formed under the guidance of Burton E. Green, for the development of property as a subdivision. .....It was named Beverly Hills by Green and associates, after Beverly Farms Massachusetts where Green lived."

Found this other info as well to support above: Green opened the subdivision of Beverly Hills in 1907, named in honor of Pres. Taft's Massachusetts vacation hideaway. (Taft's house [was] down by Lynch Park). The post office was originally named Beverly after Beverly MA. The name was changed to Beverly Hills in 1911.

Thought you might want to pass this info onto Jack. Small world-isn't it!

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another bulletin board

12/02/03 - From Jack DeLaria:

I remain well and working full time. My big news is that I'm about to be a grandfather for the first time. San Diego continues to be a great place to live and fortunately for us the recent fires did not seriously threaten our home. Last month, Bernard Menkes { proud graduate of the class of 48 } became my patient and it was great to share our mutual recollections of Beverly. Last week, I first learned that Beverly Hills, California was started by someone from Beverly. Does anyone know if this story is either true or apocryphal? Best Regards to everybody.

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06/02/02 - From Linda Michetti's sister Patricia (Michetti) Orlando [BHS '62]:
Hi Bill. Yes, I am Linda's sister. I'm so glad you contacted me and happy to know she will be remembered on the BHS website. Linda's married name was Nicosia, not Lima. She passed away on September 30, 1991. At the time of her death, she was 49 years old and resided in Salem, New Hampshire. She was the wife of Riccardo Nicosia, the mother of Ricky, Diana, and Debra Nicosia, and the grandmother of twin girls. I am attaching some pictures that you may be able to use for the memoriam. Thanks so much.

See the Pictures Here


another bulletin board

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