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Beverly High School Class of 1960

2001 "40 + 1" Reunion Page

(Angelica's, Saturday night, July 28, Route 114, Middleton)

Doreen Charland & Dr. Fred Kitterle
l.   Dr. Frederick Kitterle
r.   Doreen (Thompson) Charland

 PHOTOS - Reunion 2001 Digital Images Here!!
 PHOTOS - Reunion 2001 Photos from One-use Cameras!!
 PHOTOS - "Picnic at Lynch Park" I - Friday, the night before


 Kathy Healey's Speech to Class
 Reunion Was a Real Blast!
 Jim Moses Music
 Classy Name Tags Very Popular
 Who Bought Tickets
 Who Donated Money
 Who was on the 2001 Reunion Committee
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Kathy Healey Gets a Lift from Jim Moses
Kathy Healey Gets a
Lift from Jim Moses' Music

The BHS Class of 1960 Reunion Committee is pleased to announce the "40+1" class reunion, held at Angelica's in Middleton, Massachusetts, on July 28, 2001, was better than we dared hope. Joan Fairbank mentioned she very rarely has seen that many happy adult faces in one place. All of the committee members had some people come up to them and say this was the best reunion they ever attended. The work the committee did was only a portion of the reason. It was more likely a combination of the point we are at in our lives, the fact the class hasn't had a real reunion for 16 years, we had Jim Moses Music for entertainment, people were there that had never attended a reunion before, and, for all we know, the phase of the moon. The Class of 1960 was ready for a reunion!!

That night there was a definite majority vote for a forty-fifth reunion in four years. It will be difficult to top this one, however, but if the enthusiasm of that night continues, we will do it!!

It was difficult to trim down the list of "missing" classmates to notify everyone of the reunion. If we as a class do not stay in closer touch, next time it will be even more difficult to locate everyone, as we are now at the point in our lives where we are
Joanie Fairbank Cuts Loose
Joanie Fairbank Cuts Loose
Neal W. Leads the Raisinettes
Neal Whittredge Leads
the Raisinettes - We'd
Follow Him Anywhere
Jeanne L. & Fay N. - Old Friends Reunited
Jeanne (LeClair) Cammett
Faye (Nyland) Somes
Old Friends Reunited
retiring, downsizing, living in two places, traveling, moving in with the kids, etc.

We heartily encourage the BHS Class of 1960 members and anyone even remotely connected to the BHS Class of 1960 to keep their email address current with the Webmaster for this site (see bottom of this page)

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We signed a contract with Jim Moses Music for our Reunion 2001 entertainment. Jim is a full time DJ, singer and entertainer. His card says "You Get Full Time Quality" and "All Functions: Weddings to House Parties." We have seen him working and he is a major talent in his line of work.

Telephone: (978) 535-5895

         Email Jim Moses

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Ray Charland, a member of your Reunion Committee, came up with the idea of making name tags from our yearbook photos. He designed them, photocopied the image from a yearbook in the Beverly Public Library, and fabricated them. It was necessary to go to the library for a "clean" copy of the yearbook, because our classmates wrote all over the photos in our own copies, as I'm sure you know. The image is set in heavy laminated plastic, with a safety clip on the back. The reverse side, not shown, contains the individual's yearbook write-up. These became souvenirs for those who bought reunion tickets.

The spouses/guests of class members hand wrote their names on special cards that Ray made up, much like the one for Maureen Darcy on the left. Those handwritten IDs were then placed in a plastic ID case, also with a safety clip on the back. The cards had one of several cartoon characters, in color, on them. The third type of card were those for classmates or former classmates for whom we did not have a photo. Maureen Darcy's ID is one of those.

It is the strangest thing seeing people you haven't seen for 40+ years. If it wasn't for these clever IDs by Ray, some of us wouldn't have recognized some classmates even after they told us who they were. At the reunion we were saying, "Oh, I'd recognize you anywhere," while at the same time surreptitiously eyeing their picture ID, wondering just who the hell is this person? It was especially tough as we can no longer read anything at a distance. Next time the picture and text will be bigger.

Actually, I'm kidding, but there is a grain of truth to that story. It is quite interesting how this stranger in front of you, a person you haven't seen for forty years, sort of morphs into your familiar classmate from so long ago, after you finally realize who they are.

Anyway, many thanks to Ray for providing an important element in the success of our reunion. Kudos, Ray!!

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08/08/2001: Many classmates did not specify who the second ticket was for so I list them here as "& guest" because I simply did not know for certain. Please don't be offended if you attended with your spouse and you were not listed as Mr. and Mrs. Let me know and I'll change it.

154 Tickets Were Sold

Susan Allison
Mr. and Mrs. George Andrews
Roger Armstrong & guest
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Aucone
David and Primilla (Bailey) Young
James H. Barton
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Belanger
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Bernson
Woody and Joyce (Bixbee) LaRoe
Dr. and Mrs. Evan Brodie
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cellinery
Raymond & Doreen (Thompson) Charland
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Chase
Francis Conte & guest
Wayne & Patricia (Conti) Dupont
Mr. and Mrs. William Cook
Joseph Coppola & guest
Anne M. Couhig
Richard and Nancy (Craig) Boucher
Dr. and Mrs. Giacomo (Jack) A. Delaria
William J. Doherty
Carol (Earley) Adams
Joan Fairbank
Douglas & Helen (Faulkner) Fraser
Thomas Field & Daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fiory
Carol A. (Francesco) Baker
Michele (Frasca) Raffoni
Elaine C. Frazier
Robert & Gail (Freedman) Melson
Charles (Fred) Gabriel, Jr.
Rose Ann (Galluzzi) Lee
Paul Gardner
Paul and Donna (Green) Poirier
David Hackett
John Hadley & guest
Judith Haszard
Kathryn Anne Healy
Niles & Diane (Hubbard) Flanders
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Jones
Martha (Joseph) Stavropoulos
Herb Selesnick & Hinda (Katz) Sterling
Dr. Frederick Kitterle
Steve & Lorna (Kransberg) Gasperoni
Carol Ann (Lamprey) Pool & guest
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lawler
Wally & Jeanne (LeClair) Cammett
William Lemire
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maggiacomo
Tom & Anita (Maistrellis) Buchanan
John Marletta
Constance (Menesale) Dempsey & guest
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moser
Carol L. (Nickolson) Clark
William F. Nisbet & Ann M. Mahoney
Carol Ann (Noonan) Ferris
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Norris
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Nunes
Al & Faye (Nyland) Somes
Rosalie (Pinciaro) Kerr & guest
Ronald A. Poole & guest
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Predka
Jo-An F. Pszenny
William Quigley
Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole & guest
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rhuda
Thomas T. Riquier & guest
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Roberts
James Robichau
Rowena (Robinson) Flynn & daughter
Donna (Roscoe) Winslow
Irene Rossi and 2 Guests
Mr. and Mrs. H. Allen Ryan
Judith (St. Charles) Odiorne
Gene and Jean (Santin) Normand
Walter & Roberta (Sigman) Jones
Richard Smigliani & guest
Russel Smith
Richard Smithson
William Squibb & guest
Mr. and Mrs. William Stanley
Rudy and Patricia (Swift) Gajdosik
Della (Tanzella) Beaulieu
Carol Tawse
Carmen and Carol (Thibodeau) Marciano
Jane (Troiani) Olszewski
Kathy (Troubetaris) Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vaccaro
Lorraine (Wait) DuPont & guest
Dr. and Mr. Gordon Weeks
Neal Whittredge
Harold (Hal) & Elaine (Zeitzoff) Leppo

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Many thanks to our generous classmates who gave money to the BHS Class of 1960. Their generosity enabled us to make the "40+1" reunion a great success. There is money left over for a nest egg to be used toward future reunions. The bulk of that will be used toward the 45th reunion coming up in 2005, and perhaps an interim event, too. Some of the money will be used to help keep BHS '60 in closer contact with each other. This will be done through this Website, post cards to those without an email address, and perhaps a newsletter or two. [NOTE: It is very important that you keep us apprised of your current email address - please let us know if it changes.]

There are 56 Generous Individuals
and Families on This List

Susan Allison
Primilla (Bailey) Young
Allen Baisuck
Lewis Belanger
Joyce (Bixbee) LaRoe
Louis Cellinery
Doreen & Raymond Charland
Richard Chase
Francis Conte
Joseph Coppola
Nancy (Craig) Boucher
Maureen E. (Darcy) Summit
Cynthia D. Davis
Dr. Giacomo (Jack) A. Delaria
Wayne & Patricia (Conti) Dupont
Helen (Faulkner) Fraser
Charles Fiory
Michele (Frasca) Raffoni
Elaine C. Frazier
John Hadley
Judith Haszard
Diane (Hubbard) Flanders
Robert Ireland
Carol Ann (Lamprey) Poole
Jeanne (LeClair) Cammett
William Lemire
Patricia (MacFarland) Till
Joseph Maggiacomo
Anita (Maistrellis) Buchanan
John Marletta
Hugh McCabe
Eleanor (Meyer) Blackwell
Charles Moser
Lawrence Murch
William Nisbet
Paul & Frances Norris
Faye (Nyland) Somes
Ronald A. Poole
Linda (Publicover) Neilson
William Quigley, III
Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole
Paul Rhuda
Thomas Riquier
James Robichau
H. Allen Ryan
Judith (St. Charles) Odiorne
Neil Share
Roberta (Sigman) Jones
William Stanley
Donald Stetson
Patricia (Swift) Gajdosik
Carol (Thibodeau) Marciano
Janice (Tillson) Thomas
Frederick Wales
Gordon Weeks
Elaine (Zeitzoff) Leppo

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Raymond Charland      Designed & Made Souvenir IDs
Nancy (Craig) Boucher      Co-Chair/Co-Treasurer
Joan Fairbank          
Kathryn Healey      Co-Chair
Diane (Hubbard) Flanders          
William F. Nisbet      Co-Chair/Database Updates
William Stanley          
Patricia (Swift) Gajdosik          
Doreen (Thompson) Charland      Treasurer
Gordon Weeks          

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As we move toward the 45th reunion in 2005, the biggest help you can provide is keep us informed of mailing and email address changes, so we can stay in touch. Please remind others of this, too, should the occasion arise. Thanks! Perhaps you know where one of our "lost" classmates can be found? See an up-to-date list here:

Go to Our Missing Classmates Page

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