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Beverly High School Class of 1960

Communication Problem - Recently "Lost" Classmates

Those Recently Gone "Missing" - No Contact Information

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Disappeared Into Thin Air

Vanished Into Thin Air

 USPS Mailing Address Now Unknown   <== 06/03/15  Still missing as of this date
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In addition to maintaining this website, I keep track of names and addresses for BHS '60. This is why I need your United States Postal Service [USPS] mailing address so I can send you your reunion, and possibly other, invitations, and the occasional newsletter or status report. Please, if you are on the "USPS Mailing Address Now Unknown" list below, contact me with your new mailing address. If you are on the list, it means we had a USPS mail address for you, but a recent mailing to you has been returned as undeliverable. At the most, you will receive 1-3 unsolicited hardcopy letters, invitations, or reports year, and always about the BHS Class of 1960 and related information.

Please contact the Webmaster with your new addresses.   See all the information I would like and why, here.   Thanks thanks in advance!

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USPS Mailing Address Now Unknown
Moved Away?

"Not Deliverable as Addressed", "Unable to Forward [UTF]", or "Return To Sender [RTS]"
These are now noted "Missing" on our Class Database and our Missing List and our Class Roster.

Following Two From MAILING of 04/30/15 - 55th Reunion Invitations

Jean Merrill    Last known address was Beverly, near Memorial Jr. High.
I have no email address, phone number, middle initial, spouse, IOW no clues, rumors say she's still in Beverly.
David Wilson    Last known address was in St Petersburg, FL
I have no email address, phone number, middle initial, spouse, IOW no clues.

Please, if you know the correct USPS mailing
address for any of these folks, please let me know.
I need some help here. USPS stand for United
States Postal Service, but you knew that, right?

They Cannot Be Contacted Anymore

Please check this list now and then. I have no clues on how to locate these people. This does demonstrate a major reason why a phone number & email address is needed for backup in cases like this. At the moment, this lack of clues means starting from scratch (yet again) to try to locate them.
Moved Away Address Unknown

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