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Beverly High School Class of 1960

How to Contact the BHS Class of 1960

Some Reunion Committee Officers
Webmaster &Communications

 Reunion Committee Secretary 
 Reunion Committee Treasurer 
 Webmaster & Communications 
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BHS '60 Reunion Committee

Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole
1 Powers Street
Beverly MA 01915

Andy processes all correspondence addressed to the BHS Class of 1960 and the Reunion Committee. She is the recording secretary for Reunion Committee meetings. Andy helps our treasurer sell ticket reservations to our reunions, such as sending out individual reservation acknowledgements.

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BHS '60 Reunion Committee

Lorraine (Wait) DuPont
32 Cabot Road
Danvers MA 01923

Lori handles all money matters for our class, such as paying bills as directed by the BHS Class of 1960 Reunion Committee, and processing donations. She is always busy when selling ticket reservations to our reunions. Donations to BHS '60 are always welcome, and should be addressed to her.

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Keeping Track of eMail Addresses
Webmaster & Communications

William F. Nisbet
Contact the Webmaster
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This website hosting was oiginally paid for by individual donations, but that is no longer required. Details are available here.    (This appears in a new window, so there is no need to hit Back Arrow)

Bill designed, implemented and maintains the official website for BHS '60, the one you are on now. He also tracks email address and status of all members of BHS '60, in a database of around 415 records. It is very important that you notify him of email address changes. He no longer tracks Snail Mail (USPS) since the Reunion Committee discontinued his compensation for expenses.

Bill helps with the mass communications to our classmates, including addressing all envelopes for USPS (United States Postal Service) mailings to everyone (about 290 including 2nd home), and emailing an occasional so-called electronic status report to all classmates who have an email address (approx. 160). Without an email address, you are out of the loop, especially since we have have no more maintenance of USPS addresses since 2015. That fact alone invalidates the "Missing Classmates" page. If Bill does not have your USPS address you are officially incommunicardo."

Some Reasons To Contact the Webmaster

1) Suggestions for changes and new features for our website, and additions in the form of pictures, stories, and the like. Anything you would like to share with your classmates is considered. Also, he appreciates being told about bad links, misspellings, inaccuracies, omissions, and all other errors.

2) Address Changes: Please keep Bill informed of all email address changes. Thanks in advance.

3) Contact an Old Friend: If you wish to contact a specific person in the class, let Bill know, and he will forward your inquiry to that person by email, if possible. They, in turn, will contact you, if they so desire. There is no longer a "Missing" List for people that cannot be contacted. Check the Do Not/Cannot Contact List for those classmates who don't want to hear from you, or are physically incapacitated,. and the Deceased List. We have an uncertain USPS address for everyone else (list is slowly becomming more an more innacurate since 2015).

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