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Beverly High School Class of 1960

Deceased Classmates Page

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List of Deceased Classmate

Chadwick Pond, West Boxford, Summer 2000   Deceased List (NOTE: Those above the divider right below are not yet completely processed)

09/21/19 Sandra (Walker) D'Entremont
09/21/19 Cynthia (Dix) Donahue
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09/25/19 H. Allen Ryan, 77, died Saturday 9/21/19
09/21/19 Joseph Coppola
09/30/19 John Boschetti
09/14/19 Peter Anthony Vaccarro, 77, died 06/20/19, (loction not noted)
07/04/19 Daisy (Dodge) Nugent, 76, died 06/25/19, (loction not noted)
05/10/19 James J. Savino, 77, died 04/12/19, Danvers
08/26/18 Kathryn (Anne) Healey, 76, died 08/16/18, Beverly

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In Memoriam

The 108 classmates in the table below are listed on this webpage as a remembrance, and because people have asked about this person or that person who may or may not have passed on. I am doing my best to keep this as accurate as I can. It may not be complete, as some entries on our "missing" classmates list may actually be deceased. Sincere apologies in advance for any errors or omissions discovered here. If you see any errors, please let me know.

Back some years now, Bill Shay '59 did some incredibly meticulous research for us, at one point had single-handedly provided a copy of the obituary and/or details for almost half the number of once-unknown dates in the following list. Many thanks to Bill! And he is not even in our class!

You understand why I must have verification from several sources or a copy of the actual obituary write-up before adding to this list. A link to an obituary in a newspaper would be perfect. Please don't let this stop you from notifying me of new names; just be aware the information might not be posted immediately.

This rule is now suspended, as of 06/29/15. See note *1 below at the end of the Deceased List.

Deceased List
05 Ronald J. Anastasia Tuesday, October 20, 2009, from a long-term illness.  Obituary
06 Barbara E. (Anderson) Husbands Cancer, in hospice, June 24, 2008    Read Obituary
15 Allen (Al) Baisuck Pancreatic cancer, in Hawaii.  Monday, July 23, 2012  Obituary BHS sophomore photo
16 Sandra E. (Barker) Graves Cancer, at home, March 26, 2002
19 James ("Jimmy") Barton Brief illness, April 18, 2014    See what Jimmy had to say in 2010.    See Recent Photo
24 Lewis A. Belanger Following a long illness, at home, Sun 12/19/04
25 Robert J. Berg Fri 12/24/10    ((Cancer?) (Boston?) Details, anyone?)
28 Robert "Ricky" Birkemose Unexpectedly, of short illness, Wed 06/04/80, MGH
31 Richard L. "Rick" Bolton Peacefully at home, cancer, Higginson AK, Sun 03/11/12   Obituary
32 John Boschetti DOD guess early Sep 2019, I was told details "not to be published", cause unknown.
34 Catherine (Boudreau) Levesque Kaplan Family Hospice House, Danvers, of cancer. Exact DOD unknown.   Obituary
37 Mary Jane (Briggs) Bampos Oct. 27, 1983, of liver cancer, in W. Springfield, MA   See note.
40 Kathleen Mary Burke Died 11/01/09 Alzheimer's complications.  See picture from better days
"June 1959". Also, note from Kathy's brother Joe.  Read Obit.
41 Margot (Burke) Brooks Westchester, Illinoise, 12/25/94.   Esophageal carcinoma.
46 Gail Anne (Carson) Chelf 05/10/16, Charlton Memorial hospital Fall River, cause unknown (heart?)
54 Ellen M. Chessman at home 05/01/03, unexpectedly
61 William Comeau 07/22/1977, at MGH after a long illness
62 Richard Conant 01/01/1999, in Norway ME    (diabetes related?)
65 Francis J. Conte Died at home, Sunday, 03/20/11  Pancreatic Cancer(?)  Obituary
66 Patricia (Conti) Dupont Died at home, Sunday 12/29/02  Pic (2nd one on page)
67 Gail (Conway) Seggel 06/26/05, heart attack
69 Peter W. Copelas Monday 08/25/14, "unexpectedly"   Obituary   Pic of Peter & wife Elaine in 2005
70 Joseph Coppola (still in process on this page)
72 John S. “Jack” Cragen, 73 06/28/2016, Hamilton, at home in his sleep.  Obituary
78 Richard Dansreau 09/13/1959, while in high school, Salem MA car crash
79 Robert M. Daniels died "end of January [2015]"   see *1 below     Pic as of May 2009
84 Ann (Deering) Lucas May 6, 1994, apparent heart attack, Largo FL    See note
87 Melvin J. "Mel" Deveau Jr. Friday, 08/29/14, cause not given, VA Medical Center in Brockton   Obituary.
89 Geraldine (DiStefano) Pinciaro On March 17, 2003, after brief illness (brain tumor)
90 Cynthia (Dix) Donahue (still in process on this page)
92 Daisy (Dodge) Nugent 06/25/2019, Beverly MA, cause not given.  Obituary.
94 William J. Doherty 01/17/2012, Beverly MA, cause not given.  Obituary.
96 M. Patricia Doyle 05/07/74, hepatitis, Manila P.I., worked at US Embassy
101 Lucille L. (Durand) Fabri 08/27/15, peacefully at Kaplan Family Hospice House, surrounded by family.
108 David Elfstrom July 27, 2012, Ellsworth, NH, failing health.  Obituary.   Picture.
110 Albert Fabri May 8, 2005, apparently cardiac related
113 Helen (Faulkner) Fraser 04/30/2015, complications from lupus.   Read Obit
114 Jay Faulkner 08/29/1995, at home after a brief illness
116 Thomas A. Field 06/28/2010, at the Kaplan Family Hospice House in Danvers, MA
120 Pamela Ruth (Fitzgerald) Pound   Feb 6, 2005, in Vista, California, leukemia
122 Jeffrey Forbes 01/08/1990, at Dana-Farber, after 13 year battle with cancer
Search this page for the word Forbes ==>    Visit His Chapel at Dana-Farber
126 Gerald "Jerry" Freedland 10/12/2012  Massive heart attack; Pic fall '57 "as Sophomores"   Read Obit
130 Cynthia (Fullerton) Killeen 03/05/1990              (Anyone know any details?)
133 Paul Gardner 06/21/2005, of lung cancer, in Tulsa Oklahoma.
136 Patricia (Gentleman) Rathe 04/19/2007, cause unknown, in Beverly, Massachusetts.
140 Russell Goodwin 01/06/15, at home in Beverly, of cancer.   Obituary
148 Edward (Dick) Hajdys 03/13/06, in Thailand, peacefully in his sleep.  Obit  His Pics
152 Pamela M. (Hansen) Spencer Died Monday, 02/14/11, Brigham and Women's, Boston .  Obituary
153 Niels-Peter Hansen Died Thursday, 12/04/08, Worcester, extended illness.  Obituary
158 Kathryn Anne Healey 08/16/2018 in Beverly Hospital (cause not mentioned)    Obituary
168 Harry "Hutch" Hutchinson 09/18/2004 in his residence in Selah, WA
172 Arthur S. Johnson Died Monday, 06/10/13, Ledgewood, Beverly, cause unknown.  Obituary
173 Patricia (Johnson) Eldridge Age 74 years, Wenham, peacefully at home April 17, 2016, cause unknown.   Obituary
182 Dr. Frederick Kitterle 05/03/2005, in Chicago, of a rare form of cancer. See 1st Pic
190 Dennis A. Lawler 03/14/2002 after a brief illness
201 William A. Lemire 04/16/02 massive heart attack    Pic (last one on page)
212 Kathleen (MacQuarrie) Cole 08/31/97 after long, courageous battle with ovarian cancer
(she died same day as Princess Diana)
213 Joseph Maggiacomo 10/26/04, at his home in Beverly
215 Barbara E. (Manning) Ayers 02/26/12, in Beverly Hospital. Cause unknown.
220 Clinton R. Martin Saturday, Nov. 3, 2001, congestive heart failure    Picture  Obituary
225 Shalmeer (McCarron) Bren Massive heart attack, October 9, 2014.  as Early Teen [see 1st picture on right]
228 Catherine (McDonald) DiGrazia Saturday, June 18, 2011, Boston Medical Center in Boston. Cause unknown.
229 Elaine (McGinn) Gray 12/6/2013 at Kaplan Family Hospice House, Danvers, after lengthy illness. Obituary
232 Judith (McQueeny) Schultz Friday, 03/18/16, at home w/husband Tom by her side, in Jacksonville, cancer.
238 Carol (Mersereau) Dobson July 28, 2012  Kaplan House, Danvers MA, short illness    Obituary
240 Linda (Michetti) Nicosia September 30, 1991       See Pics       Read Note
249 Richard Morse 05/25/1986, unexpectedly (bad heart?)
253 Eleanor Murphy 12/24/59, Wegener's (allergic) Granulomatosis, after several months
265 Alfred "Doc" B. Nunes 01/08/2012, Where & Why N/A, Obituary.  
269 Norman Deane Palmer 08/23/85, Pacific MO, long illness   See Pic [2nd down on right]
277 Richard Perkins 09/13/1959, while in high school, Salem MA car crash
278 Karen (Peterson) Smyrnios 10/20/13, Kaplan Family Hospice House(?), Danvers(?), cause unknown. Obituary.  
279 Kenneth W. Peterson Sudden heart attack, 12/21/02
291 Judith (Potter) Durgin 03/16/2000, at home, long battle with cancer,  Amazing tribute (don't hit back arrow)
294 Thomas J. Predka 02/17/2017, at home in Peabody, 73, cause unknown.   Obituary   2001 Photo
301 Robert S. Reever 02/24/06, at home, after a long battle with kidney failure
310 Kent Robinson 09/01/1998, in Boynton Beach FL, after a long illness
318 H. Allen Ryan (still in process on this page)
321 Rita (Santin) Colin 09/10/2014, after a long, courageous battle with cancer. See "Details" section below.
323 James J. Savino Friday, April 12, 2019 - at Kaplan Hospice,Danvers, cause not given.   obituary
326 Scott S. Sederquist Sunday, April 23, 2006 - at home in Manchester NH after a long illness
330 Thomas Sheehy Wednesday, October 1, 2014 -
331 Robert L. Sicotte Sunday, 12/16/2012, at Lahey Burlington, brief illness  obituary
334 Richard P. Smigliani 11/12/14, surrounded by family after a courageous five-year battle with cancer.
335 Donald L. Smith Sunday, 07/27/2010, After a long illness, no known obituary.   Recent Photo
337 Nancy (Pedrick Smith) Mairs 12/03/2016, Google "Nancy Mairs" to learn all about her. Wikipedia     Tucson Obit
338 Russell W. Smith Sunday, 11/13/2011, lung cancer, Kaplan Hospice, no published obituary.  Recent Photo
343 Judith (Stanton) Caron 09/02/09, cause unknown, at Live Oak, Suwannee, FL
358 Larry Thibodeau Thursday, April 13,1989, after a long illness
361 Frederick S. Tobin Wednesday, December 9, 2009  Alzheimer's(?)  Obituary
366 Alice (Toorks) Taylor June 14, 1996, extended illness
369 Sandra (Tredway) Appleton Wednesday, 01/07/2009 following a long illness (cancer)  Obituary
370 Joyce (Trenoweth) Brewer 01/06/95, heart attack & seizure, at home in Beverly
372 Kathleen M. Troubetaris 07/28/13, breast cancer, Norwichtown Rehab & Care, Norwich Connecticut Obituary
373 Bruce R. Turner 09/06/13, prostate cancer, Kaplan Family Hospice, Danvers Obit, Photo 1, Photo 2
375 Peter A. Vaccaro 06/20/19, Parkinson's, Salem    Obituary
378 Sandra (Walker) D'Entremont (still in process on this page)
391 Deborah (Wilkinson) Angelini November 15, 1976, unexpectedly
398 Gerald A. ("Jerry") Pelonzi September 23, 2002   See Pic (1st row, far right, #53 in that photo)
403 David F. Quinlan Maine Medical Center on July 1st [2015] after a brief illness
404 Judy A. Davis Sunday, March 03, 2013, at home in Wenham.    Cause unknown
412 Dana McCormack 03/21/88  Cancer of the jaw.
419 Ralph Anthony Pisa Saturday afternoon 12/27/14, Danvers, at home surrounded by family.  Cause unknown

*1:  I'm carrying Bob Daniels on our database as deceased, even though I have no collaborating information at all, and my reply to the email from his son notifying me of this sad news went unanswered. Bill Shay, BHS '59, who has been a big help to me over the years here, tells me that the SS Death Index now only lists people that have been dead for three years or more. This makes it almost impossible for me to find "lost" classmates, or verify information like in this situation. Why is it that everything the government does makes things more difficult for the average person? And we are still not "safe", whatever that means. Anyway, listing Bob without verification is a violation of my own rule, never listing someone as deceased without verification. I did not find any recent information about Bob at all: no obituary, no death notice, nothing.

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(These are Ones Learned About Since November 2001)

Notes:  (1) 1st date (far left) is the date posted here, (2) Some thumbnail photos below contain live links - pass cursor over
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09/25/19 - Sandra (Walker) D'Entremont
09/25/19 - Cynthia (Dix) Donahue

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Al & Dianne @ 50th
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Augusta West Side A. 1986
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   Maine, United Way 2016
10/28/19 - H. Alan Ryan, 77, died Saturday "following a cancer diagnosis" 9/21/19. Family and colleagues say H. Alan Ryan, who died Saturday at age 77, was a strong supporter of institutions and groups in the region. But to family and friends Al was so much more — husband, father, business owner, mentor, leader and philanthropist in central Maine

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10/21/19 - Joseph Coppola died 08/08/19: Vacation home in Porter, ME - January 1, 1942 - August 8, 2019 Beverly - Joe Coppola, a retired teacher, passed away unexpectedly on August 8, 2019, at his vacation home in Porter, Maine. He was 77 years old and was born and raised in Beverly, Mass. Joe was a graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology where he earned a Degree in Engineering, and he also earned his master's degree in Education from Fitchburg State College. Joe was a design engineer and a very talented pattern maker. He enjoyed the outdoors, carving heads and figures out of wood, taking nature walks, traveling, and most importantly spending time with his family, and friends-especially his sister (Frances Gobeille) and his significant other (Joanne Green). First photo w/Joanne Green s/o at our 55th reunion.

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10/15/19 - John Bochetti, DOD guessed at early Sep 2019, I was told a sketch of his life, but I was also told that, "Details are not to be published", cause of death unknown.

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07/13/19 - Peter Anthony Vaccaro,77, died 06/20/19: Andy Stackpole, BHS '60, sent me the obit that came in her copy of the Salem News. (partcial) "SALEM - Peter Anthony Vaccaro, 77, passed away peacefully on Thursday, June 20th, 2019 with his wife Sheila by his side, after a courageous battle with Parkinson's. Born and raised in Beverly, he was the proud son of Mary Vaccaro and the late Anthony Vaccaro. Peter loved his Italian Heritage and enjoyed several trips to Italy, the highlight being connected with the Vaccaro Family. A sought-after Barber for over 50 years, known for his free hand Flat Tops. Peter is survived by his wife Sheila Rein Vaccaro, his daughters from a first marriage, Lisa Trudeau, Lucia Viel, Daniella Eggleston"

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07/05/19 - Daisy (Dodge) Nugent died 06/25/19: BEVERLY - Daisy E. (Dodge) Nugent, 76, passed away on Tuesday, June 25, 2019. She was the wife of Arthur Nugent of Beverly and the daughter of the late Ernest L. Dodge and Dorothy (Cottrell) Dodge. Born in Salem on July 23, 1942. Daisy graduated from Beverly High School with the class of 1960. She also attended Salem State College, where she met Arthur. Daisy was employed at Beverly National Bank for 37 years. She worked initially in the bookkeeping department, then the loan department, and the last several years as a teller at the Hamilton office where she put her customers first and treated them like an extended family. At the age of 16, Daisy taught Sunday School at Immanuel Congregational Church. She was also a den mother at the church when her boys were cub scouts. In 1961 Daisy was the worthy Advisor at the Beverly Assembly of the Order of Rainbow for Girls. Daisy was always reading, crochet-ing and was an avid bingo player. Daisy is survived by her son's Kevin Nugent of Beverly, David Nugent and his wife Merlinda of League City, Texas. Grandchildren Ryan Nugent of Beverly, Andrew Nugent, and Kayla Nugent of League City Texas.

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06/13/19 - James J. Savino died 04/12/19: Andy Stackpole, BHS '60, sent me the obit that came in her copy of the Salem News. He was the beloved husband of the late Christine "Tina" (Westerdahl) Savino. He had a passion for cooking and had worked at several facilities on the North Shore as a chef. Prior, he was a supervisor at Varian in Beverly, for 20 years. See full obituary for names, etc.

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08/28/18 - Kathryn Anne Healey died 08/16/18: Alan Barbeau, BHS '58, left a message on my answering machine earlier this month asking for contact info for Kathy. Upon investigation I learned Kathy had moved to the Brightview Retirement Community in Danvers. She was well enough to attend this years BHS Alumni Breakfast on 08-05-18. Sadly, she died only eleven days later. Kathy was a co-chair on our own BHS ‘60 Reunion Committee from 2001 (41st, 45th, 50th, and 55th. Others said: "My best buddy from the Homecoming Committee for many years“. "She was committed to Beverly.”

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10/13/17 - Gail Anne (Carson) Chelf, 73, of Portsmouth (Rhode Island) died Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at Charlton Memorial Hospital, Fall River, MA. She was the wife of Norman F. Chelf. Born on October 7, 1942 in Newport, RI, she was the daughter of the late William M. and Mary I. (Potter) Carson. After retiring as an Immunization Program Liaison from Newport Alliance (a Division of Newport Hospital) in March of 2010, Gail spent her time knitting, cross-stitching, reading and watching movies from her extensive collection. She enjoyed going to lunch with a close group of friends and visiting over coffee. Other time was spent traveling to Canada, Ireland and the West Coast with Norman, her beloved husband of 30 years. She is survived by her husband, her step children, George Chelf and his wife Donna of Portsmouth, Kathy Brown of Shadyside, OH and Chemayne Larsen and her husband Doug of Brookeville, MD, as well as her siblings, Michael Carson, Corey Patti, Christopher Carson and Kirk Carson, six grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. (Two color photos from 55th)

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08/07/17 - Nancy Pedrick (Smith) Mairs: Nancy is the most famous, but certainly not the only, published author from BHS '60.   Bibliography:  In All the Rooms of the Yellow House (1984);   Plaintext (1986);  Remembering the Bonehouse (1989);  Carnal Acts (1990);  Ordinary Time (1993);   Voice Lessons (1994);  Waist-High in the World: A Life Among the Nondisabled (1996);  A Troubled Guest: Life and Death Stories(2001);  Essays Out Loud: On Having Adventures & A Necessary End (CD) (2004);  "A Dynamic God: Living an Unconventional Catholic Faith" (2007).    Nancy was awarded the 1984 Western States Book Award in poetry for In All the Rooms of the Yellow House, a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in 1991, and The Arizona Humanities Council gave her their 2008 Arizona Literary Treasure Award. Read entry #337 in the table above for further details.

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08/05/17 - Thomas J. Predka, 73, Peabody - Thomas J. Predka 73, formerly of Beverly, beloved husband of Eileen (Cena) Predka, died Friday morning, February 17, 2017 at his home. Born in Chelsea, he was the son of the late Joseph and Katherine (Kornatowski) Predka. He was raised in Beverly and graduated from Beverly High School, class of 1960. Mr. Predka had been employed the past five years as a wheel chair van driver for Mass Trans in Danvers. Prior to that, he had worked as an automotive technician for many years. A resident of Peabody for the past forty years, he was a loving husband, father, uncle and friend who will be missed by all who knew him. In addition to his wife, with whom he shared fifty years of marriage, he is survived by a daughter, Kristen Predka of West Newbury, a son, Marc Predka and his fiancé, Katie Mitchell of Peabody, his five nephews that he cherished, Stephen, John, Daniel, Matthew and Sean Cena and his beloved pet cat M.I.A. and pug, Neiko. His funeral service was held at the Campbell Funeral Home, 525 Cabot Street, Beverly, Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 9 a.m. Burial was in the North Beverly Cemetery.

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07/17/16 - From Campbell Funeral Home: "John S. “Jack” Cragen, 73, beloved husband of Joan (LaBonte) Cragen, passed away on Tuesday, June 28th, at home in his sleep. Born in Beverly, he was the son of the late Walter J. and Rose A. (Deschenes) Cragen. Jack grew up a Ryal Side, Beverly Panther and was a graduate of the Claude H. Patton Vocational School at Beverly High School -- affectionately known as “The Trade School” in Jack’s many stories. Throughout his teenage years, Jack was proud to play the snare drum for the Saint Mary’s Cardinals Drum and Bugle Corps. During his high school years, he ran cross country and the mile for the track team. Jack is a veteran, having served in the United States Air Force. He used his Trade School education to support his family as a printer and happily retired from Friend Box Company in 2004. Jack was a talented musician. After his years in drum corps, he played professionally and enjoyed teaching young drum enthusiasts their ratamacues and paradiddles. Jack also enjoyed golfing with his friends, his family and especially his wife, who preferred the Middleton par 3 course because it took away the advantage of Jack’s ‘monster’ drive. Jack loved York Peppermint Patties, Devil Dogs, chocolate frappes, breakfasts with friends, homemade cheeseburgers, Abraham Lincoln, reading, watching any sport on television, and the movie Brian’s Song. With all his accomplishments and hobbies, Jack was still best known for his ability to make people laugh and his own, distinctive, staccato, soul-filling laugh. Most of all, he was a devoted and loving husband, friend, father, grandfather, brother and cousin. In addition to his wife of 50 years, Joan, he is survived by three daughters, Allison Kelley and her husband Moe of Wenham, Shannon Corwin and her husband Ben of Hamilton and Colleen Johnson and her husband Elijah of Worcester; his brother: Thomas Cragen and his wife Maureen of West Springfield; three grandchildren: Pammy and Maggie Kelley and Gabriel Johnson; along with many nieces, nephews, and friends. A funeral Mass will be celebrated at the Church of Saint Paul, 50 Union Street, Hamilton on Saturday at 9:00 A.M. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. Visiting hours will be held at the Campbell Funeral Home, 525 Cabot Street, Beverly on Friday from 5 to 7 P.M. Memorial donations, in lieu of flowers, may be made in Jack’s Memory to Autism Speaks, Inc., 85 Devonshire St., Boston, MA 02109. Information, directions and condolences at www.campbellfuneral.com."

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05/16/16 - From Campbell Funeral Home: "Patricia (Johnson) Eldridge, age 74 years of Wenham passed away peacefully at home on April 17, 2016. She was the wife of Frank W. Eldridge with who they shared over 54 years of marriage. She was born and raised in Beverly. She was the daughter of the late Earl and Pricilla (Gangloff) Johnson. She graduated from Beverly High School. Patricia enjoyed knitting, cooking, reading and most of all spending time with her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Surviving her in addition to her husband is a son, Frank Eldridge and his wife Barbara of Seabrook, NH; a daughter Krista Eldridge of Wenham; five grandchildren, Tabitha, Kacie, Brandon, Jennifer and Katlyne; four great grandchildren, Krystina, Anthony, Madyson and Dyson. Funeral Services will be held privately. Arrangements by the Campbell Funeral Home, 525 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA. Contributions may be made in her name to a charity of one’s choice. Information, directions, condolences at www.campbellfuneral.com ily that supported her. Services will be private at the request of her family."
Photo Caption: Birthday Party (June 1948 or '49) Note: All kids not noted otherwise are BHS '60. Back Row: Owen Lowe, Phil Carleton, John Longval, Roy Husson '59, Dick Chase. Front Row: Susan Allison, Patricia Johnson, Gracie Gardner, Rita Santin, Paul Genest '61, Dottie Lowe '59. Known deceased (as of date) are Patricia, Rita, Dottie and Roy.

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04/02/16 - JACKSONVILLE, FL (from BEVERLY): Judith (McQueeny) Schultz, 74, passed away Friday, March 18, 2016 at home, following a year-long battle with cancer. Her husband, Tom, was by her side. Born in Salem, she was the daughter of the late Charles and Anna McQueeny. She was raised and educated in Beverly, graduating from Beverly High in 1960. She attended Katharine Gibbs and worked as an administrative assistant for many law firms. Judy lived in Beverly, other locations in the Northeast, and California before retiring to Jacksonville, Fla. six years ago. She was a generous friend with a wry sense of humor who shared many laughs with her loved ones through the years. She treasured her pets, especially a toy poodle, Duke, who died in 2001. She leaves her husband, Thomas H. Schultz of Jacksonville; daughters, Kathleen Mulcahy of Hamilton, Tina Mulcahy of Delray Beach, Fla.; and stepchildren, Laurie (Schultz ) Demma of La Honda, Calif. and Greg Schultz of Amesbury, and their families. She also leaves her sister, Linda Kalkwarf of Bellingham, Wash. Her daughters thank all her friends and extended family that supported her. Services will be private at the request of her family.

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09/18/15 - Lucile (Durand) Fabri, 73, beloved wife of Robert S. ("Red" "Bobby" "Donuts") Fabri, passed away peacefully on Thursday, August 27, at the Kaplan Family Hospice House, surrounded by her family. Born in Salem, she is the daughter of the late Thomas Durand and Janette (LaPointe) Leach. Lucille grew up in Salem and Beverly. She attended and graduated from Beverly High School, Class of 1960. She then went on to graduate from the nursing program at North Shore Babies and Children’s Hospital in Salem. For many years, Lucille worked as a nurse at North Shore Children’s Hospital. After her retirement, she worked at Johnny Appleseed’s for over 10 years. She was a collector and an avid shopper. Lucille enjoyed going out to dinner and traveling. She was a devoted wife, dedicated mother and grandmother, and most of all, loved spending time with her family and friends. In addition to her husband, Robert, with whom she shared 50 years of marriage, she is survived by two daughters, Angela Amor of Beverly and Elena Lamb of Haverhill; four grandchildren, Katlyn and Rebecca Amor and Jeffrey and Sierra Lamb, a brother-in-law, William Fabri and his wife, Marcia of Ipswich; and many nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her loving grandson, Daniel Amor; and her sisters, Susan Hatch and Judith (Lamontagne) Kelly. Thanks to Andrea Stackpole and Paul Weinberg, BHS '58, along with several others, for bringing this to my attention.

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07/23/15 - David F. Quinland: Dave's wife Andi told me of this sad news. David F. Quinlan, 71, of No. Yarmouth, ME passed away at the Maine Medical Center on July 1st [2015] after a brief illness. He was the son of the late Virginia and David Quinlan of Beverly, MA. David attended the Beverly school system, then went to Lyndon Institute in NH his senior year and graduated from there, thus he's not in our yearbook. He entered the U.S. Army thereafter. His entire working career was with Nabisco Brands, retiring back to New England after 31 years in CA. He was predeceased by his son David, Jr. and is survived by his wife, Andrea, daughters Heather Olson of CA, Christine Aube of OR, sister Nancy Schwartz of NY and 5 grandchildren. Services will be July 22 [2014] at 11 a.m. at Grace Episcopal Church in Salem, MA. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to NAMI Portland, POB 614, 125 Forest Ave., Portland, ME 04101.

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07/04/15 - Richard "Smig" Smigliani: Richard Paul Smigliani died peacefully in his home on Wednesday, November 12, 2014, surrounded by family after a courageous five-year battle with cancer. Richard is survived by Donna (Watson) Smigliani, his loving and loyal wife and companion of 32 years (25 years of marriage); his children, Rich Smigliani and his wife, Mary Dianne, Bob Smigliani, and Tricia York and her husband, Mark; his stepchildren, Kellee Philippe, Tamie Dorval, and Ronda Vezina; his grandchildren and his pride and joy, Keanna and Ava Smigliani, Cody York, Devon and Connor Smigliani, Breanna and Amanda Vezina, and Zachary and Mitchell Philippe.   Note: 3rd pic BHS '60 Senior Prom.

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07/22/15 - Rita (Santin) Colin: The following information was forwarded to me from Gail (Seery) Weyant, originally sent to her by a friend of Rita. "Rita passed away on September 10, 2014. She had fought a long and courageous battle with cancer and many complications. She had just been to the doctor and upon returning home, using her walker, fell backwards, was in the hospital and went downhill from there on. [There was] no notice in the paper or any funeral either. [... The whole family is] very upset." Many thanks to Gail for passing this on to me, as I had no information at all, not even a DOD.

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07/21/15 - Ralph Anthony Pisa AKA Tony Pisa: Those of us who knew him knew him as Ralph or Ralphie. He did not graduate from BHS in our class, and he was not in our database. I added him because he had a lot of friends in school, and is well known. I knew him well at Memorial Junior High School. I found him likeable and funny. I clearly remember him playing the drums at either our 5th or 10th reunion. He is in the group photo from our 25th reunion attendees, front row kneeling, 4th from right here. This copy of photo supplied by Nancy (Craig) Boucher. Salem News obituary supplied courtesy of Andrea Stackpole. Thanks, guys! His obituary says, "In lieu of flowers, expressions of sympathy may be made in Tony's memory to Shriners Burn Institute," Boston. I don't know, but I'd guess this comes from the work he did for the survivors of the 2nd worst fire in Massachusetts, the Elliott Chambers in Beverly, at the corner of Rantoul and Elliott Streets, in 1984. He wrote a book on his life, which is available on Amazon (link is supplied above by clicking book cover).

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 07/06/15 - Gail A (Carson) Chelf, BHS '60, notified me by email this past May 28 that another classmate, Helen (Faulkner) Fraser died. "In speaking with her sister (Pat Vallely) on March 18th, she informed me that Helen passed on April 30, 2015 due to complications from lupus. There is an obituary from the Dahlborg-McNevin Funeral Home available on-line. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on August 7th. Thanks for all your hard work in keeping us informed."   Helen had recently lost her husband Doug less than nine months before. I see in their obituaries they were predeceased by children "Heather Lee and Mark William." Helen had a lot of sadness in her life before she passed, I would say.   Helen's sister, Pat (Faulkner)Vallely, handwrote a nice note that she wanted me to share with Helen's classmates.

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07/04/15 - Shally (McCarron) Bren: No official obituary. Husband Wayne Bren tells us, “Shally died of a massive heart attack. She had a stroke about 3 years ago but fortunately she really suffered only very minor effects. The stroke was attributed to AFIB. She thereafter had to avoid outdoor exposure to high temperatures and was put on blood thinners. Shally said that she also had some diminished stamina. Living in the desert meant that she had to curtail her golf activities for at least 6-8 months a year. She still was very active in doing all her normal daily routines. We had just returned on Sunday late afternoon on the 19th of Oct [2014] from being with our daughter’s family in San Diego. We had a late supper and it was then that Shally had her heart attack. She passed away about two hours later. We have a daughter Amy. Her husband is Jeff and they have been married since 2000. They have a daughter Leiden age 12 and a son Bren soon to be 10. Amy adds, “Thank you for reaching out. Her death was sudden and my dad, her grandkids and I miss her dearly.”

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06/29/15 - RE Robert M. Daniels, BHS '60: I received the following email on June 18th, this year. "Hello Bill. I am writing to inform you that my father, Bob Daniels, BHS class of 1960, passed away at the end of January. -Benjamin Daniels." I replied and received no answer, and internet searches produced no recent results, so I have no more information. Please see note *1 [above] at the end of the Deceased List.

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06/24/15 - Paul Genest [BHS '61] told us on Facebook that Russell Goodwin, BHS '60, died.    Russ died at home Tuesday, January 6, 2015, with his loving family by his side, of cancer. Those of us in his Ryal Side Elementary school classes will remember his tiny cursive writing that drove his teachers crazy. He was always well liked, and had many friends over the years. I had a few chats with him on the rare occasions I shopped at Henry's Market, before he had to stop working.
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10/05/14 - Paul Genest [BHS '61] told us on Facebook that Tom F. Sheehy, BHS '60, died. This was confirmed by Lori Dupont [BHS '60] in an email to me on October 03, "Per today’s paper, [Salem News] he passed away on 10/1. Full obit tomorrow [Saturday, Oct 4]. Arrangements by Murphy Funeral Home, Salem." Many thanks to Lori and Paul. Thanks to Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole, who supplied a copy of the obituary from the Salem News first, and Nancy (Craig) Boucher, for the copy of the color photo (click on 2nd left).

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09/20/14 - On Sep 9th Nancy (Craig) Boucher told me, "I see that Mel Deveau Jr. died last week." I asked her to send the obituary to me, and a mere two days later I had it in hand. This copy of Mel’s obituary, a colored printout, was apparently found online somewhere, and is now available here by clicking on the photo of Mel in his sailor uniform. The Salem News no longer allows a non-subscriber like me to view articles online at all. We get a free lifetime allotment of ten articles, then have to pay around $250-300 a year to view any more. Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole also sent me a copy of Mel’s obituary, the double (for Sr. and Jr.) that was in the paper itself, and now available here by clicking on the photo of Mel playing the trumpet. Many thanks to both Nancy and Andrea!!   NOTE: Mel was on our missing page for at least a year, so now he has been moved from the Missing page to here, accordingly.

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09/18/14 - I received an email from Lori (Wait) Dupont, BHS '60, on 08/27/14, giving me a heads-up that there was a, "...late obit in today’s Salem News" for Peter W. Copelas, who passed away on Monday, August 25, 2014 at Beverly Hospital. Sometime later, Nancy (Craig) Boucher, BHS '60, snail-mailed me a color printout of the obituary itself. Thanks to both Lori and Nancy!

Click to Enlarge 05/03/14 - "I am sorry to announce that my brother James Barton, class of 1960, passed away Friday, April 18th, after a brief illness. He leaves his wife Gretchen Barton, son Patrick Barton and his mother Virginia Barton. Please think of him and our family in your prayers. Thanks, Alan Barton"     2012 Photo.   See what Jimmy had to say in 2010.

Click to Enlarge newer-mcginn 03/02/14 - Elaine (McGinn) Gray   On February 24th, while I was doing some research for our official website for the BHS Class of 1960 (the site you are on now), I was surprised and saddened to discover that Elaine (McGinn) Gray passed away this past December.   Besides her husband, Thomas E. Gray with whom she shared 46 years of marriage, she is survived by a son Joshua W. P. Gray of Gig Harbor, Washington state and his wife Kimberly, and two grandchildren.. She is also survived by a sister, Maureen J. Pinciaro of Danvers. Elaine was employed at Beverly Hospital for 36 years as a Cardiology Technician until her retirement in 1996. Subsequently, she was employed by North Shore Pediatrics, then fully retired in 2003.        Read Elaine's Obituary.   

Click to Enlarge 11/13/13 - Both Nancy (Craig) Boucher and Lori (Dupont) Wait) notified me on Tuesday, the 22nd of October, that another of our classmates, Karen (Peterson) Smyrnios, 71, has passed away. Thanks also to Bill Shay, BHS '59, who sent me her actual obituary that appeared in the 10/22/13 Salem News. Karen's exact date of death, 10/20/2013, was unclear until I read that. That printed obituary has a subtitle with date of birth and date of death, which does not appear in the online version. I consider this online version omision serious.     Read Karen's Obituary.  

Click to Enlarge 09/23/13 - Nancy (Craig) Boucher notified me by an early AM email this past Friday the 20th that another classmate, Catherine (Boudreau) Norbaka Levesque died. Her obituary was in that day's Salem News. Catherine's exact date of death is unclear at this point. She passed away peacefully at the Kaplan Family Hospice House in Danvers, after an eight-month battle with cancer. She was predeceased by her husbands Charles B. Norbaka, with whom she had two children, and Denis Levesque. Catherine was the daughter of the late Joseph and Alice (Witham) Boudreau. Thanks to Nancy Boucher for letting me know.     Read Catherine's Obituary.   

Click to Enlarge 09/17/13 - I learned that from Paul Weinberg and Andrea Stackpole that Bruce R. Turner recently died. This happened September 6, 2013, in Kaplan Family Hospice House. He was the beloved husband of Gisela (Grigg) Turner, with whom he shared 43 years of marriage. For many years Bruce co-owned and operated Turner and Walima Manufacturing Co. in Essex, MA. Besides Gisela, Bruce is survived by his daughter, Sherri Herland of North Carolina; a sister and brother-in-law, Joanne and Frank Gazarek of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands; and a brother and sister-in-law, Jim and Lynda Grigg of Danvers.    Read Bruce's Obituary.    Recent Photo 1. Recent Photo 2.

Click to Enlarge 08/14/13 - I learned about Kathleen M. Troubetaris passing from several of our classmates a few days ago at the annual BHS Alumni breakfast. Kathy died on Sunday evening, July 28, 2013, in Norwich Connecticut, at Norwichtown Rehab and Care, after a courageous battle with Metastatic Breast Cancer. Kathy last worked as a Blackjack dealer for the Mohegan Sun Casino. She is survived by her Daughters: Kim-Marie; Katherine and her son Carl. Brothers John and Edward; Sister Patricia, Grandchildren: Brittany, Trevor, and Jovan; Great-Grandchild Tyler. She was predeceased by husband George Weaver, KIA/MIA in Vietnam.    Read Kathy's Obituary

Click to Enlarge 07/22/13 - Yesterday I received another email from Alfred Smith, BHS '54, regarding Donald L. Smith: "Brother Donald passed away July 27 2010." This was after a long illness. The first email from Al Smith was to tell me his brother Russell had died [see 06/28/13 below].    Recent Photo

We learned of the next two as a result of the June 2013 newsletter

Click to Enlarge 07/06/13 - Many thanks to Terri (Farmer) Mikszenas (again), BHS '64, for notifying me of this sad news. Judy A. Davis, age 72, died Sunday March 2, 2013, at home in Wenham. She is survived by three daughters, 6 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren, and 2 brothers. She was predeceased by two sisters, and companion John C. Davidson. This, according to an obituary in the Salem News of March 6, 2013. 

Click to Enlarge 07/06/13 - Many thanks to Terri (Farmer) Mikszenas, BHS '64, for notifying me of this sad news. Catherine (McDonald) DiGrazia, age 69, formerly of Beverly and Peabody, died Saturday, June 18, 2011 at the Boston Medical Center in Boston. She was employed for many years as a licensed practical nurse until the time of her retirement. She is survived by one sister, two grandchildren, and three brothers. She was predeceased by one brother and one sister. This information is according to an obituary published in the June 21, 2011 Newburyport News

Click to Enlarge 06/28/13 - Two days ago I received this email from Alfred Smith, BHS '54: "Hi Bill My brother Russell W. Smith 4 Larch La. Wenham Ma. B.H.S. 60 passed away November 2011. Thank You. Alfred C. Smith [...] B.H.S. 1954." Al followed up on 07/21/13 with, "There was no published obit for Russell. He passed away from lung cancer on 11-13-11 at Kaplan Hospice with friends and family around him. He is survived by a daughter Monica Smith of Florida, son Russell P. and Jennifer Smith of Maine and ex wife Paulette of Florida. Russ and Don are missed by all!" Russell was 68, just shy of age 69.   Recent Photo

Click to Enlarge 06/14/13 - Many thanks to Paul Weinberg, BHS '58, for notifying me of this sad news. Arthur S. Johnson, Jr., age 71, of Beverly, MA, passed away peacefully surrounded by his family on Monday, June 10, 2013, at the Ledgewood Nursing Care in Beverly. This information is according to an obituary published in the June 13, 2013 Salem News.  I do not think there are any other photos of Arthur on this website.

Click to Enlarge 01/09/13 - Many thanks to Janice (Tillson) Thomas, BHS '60, for a heads-up on this sad news. Robert L. Sicotte, age 71, of Beverly, MA, died Sunday, December 16, 2012, at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, after a brief period of declining health. He leaves a daughter, Nicole Manuel, of Louisiana, his mother, Rita M. Sparfeld, two sisters, Irene Cole and her husband David, and Doris "Chip" Carreiro, all of East Kingston, NH, an aunt, Bernadette Augusto of Ipswich, MA, and a nephew, Joshua Cole of Auburn, ME. Bob was born in Salem, MA, and was raised and educated in Beverly, attending St. Mary's School where he was a member of the Cardinals Drum & Bugle Corps, then graduating from Beverly High School in 1960. He went on to Pennsylvania Military College where he received a B.S. in Engineering and a Commission of 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army in 1965. He was elevated to the rank of Captain while serving in Viet Nam, and upon discharge from the military, he pursued a Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Arizona in Tucson.

This information is according to an obituary published in the December 18, 2012 Salem News. I do not believe there are any other photos of Bob on this website.

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10/14/12 - Many thanks to Neil Share MD, BHS '60, who informed me yesterday that his friend, and our fellow classmate, Gerald "Jerry" Freedland passed away Friday, October 12, of a massive heart attack. I have no further information at this time. I will add a link to his obituary here, should one become available. Link to obituary added here 11/04/14:   Read Obit

The next three died within a period of five days (?!)

Click to Enlarge 08/01/12 - Nancy (Craig) Boucher informed me by email early yesterday AM that David Arthur Elfstrom's obituary is in the Salem News. David died July 27, 2012, Ellsworth, NH, after a period of failing health. He was a lobsterman for many years before joining the Beverly, MA, Fire Department where he retired as Captain in 1987. He is predeceased by his first wife, Roberta (Doherty) Elfstrom, who passed away in 1990. He leaves behind his wife, Katherine (Piper) Elfstrom, of Ellsworth, his daughter Kristin (Elfstrom) Bucci and her husband David and their daughters, Emily and Isabel of Beverly, MA, his son Derek Elfstrom and his wife Kim and their daughter Adrianna of Campton, and his step-children and their families, Tammy (Piper) DeLorenzo of Plymouth, Michele (Piper) Beasley of Sanbornton and Michael Piper of Moultonborough. What a month for BHS '60 - we've lost three classmates in a period of 5 days. ARRANGEMENTS: Services for David will be held on Saturday, August 4th, at 10 a.m. at St. John of the Mountains Chapel in Ellsworth, NH. Officiating will be the Reverend "Skip" Schwartz. After the service there will be a gathering at noon at the Country Cow Restaurant in Campton. Many thanks to Nancy for the timely notification. I depend entirely on classmates and friends for BHS '60 information like this.

Click to Enlarge 07/30/12 - Two days ago, Saturday, I received an email from our BHS '60 classmate Rosalind (Barnett) Cunningham (many thanks, Roz!) bearing the sad news that there was an obituary in that very day's Salem News for our classmate, Carol J. (Mersereau) (Wilcox) Dobson. Carol passed away at age 69 on July 24th at the Kaplan House in Danvers, after a short illness. She is survived by her husband Dick, mother Mary Diluiso, daughter Heidi Wilcox of Nashua, NH, son Jason Wilcox and his wife Carolyn Koloski and grandchildren Jade and Jordan, of Ipswich, who were the loves of her life. Carol also leaves two brothers, Arthur Mersereau and Larry Mersereau of Hawaii. She was predeceased by her sister June Main. ARRANGEMENTS: There will be a celebration of her life for anyone who wishes to attend, at the Vittori Rocky Post on August 12th, 2012, from 1 to 4 p.m.

Click to Enlarge 07/26/12 - Many thanks to Neil Share MD, BHS '60, for a heads-up on this sad news. Allen "Al" Baisuck, died Monday, July 23, 2012. Yesterday I received this sad email from his best friend:   "I'm saddened to inform you of the death of Al Baisuck on 7/23/12 in Hawaii. He was my best friend for almost 60 years and will be terribly missed. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and succumbed after a short but hard fought battle. Neil E. Share MD."   Obituary.

Click to Enlarge 03/17/12 - Many thanks to Lori (Wait) Dupont, BHS '60, for a heads-up on this sad news. Richard L. "Rick" Bolton, age 69, died Sunday, March 11, 2012, peacefully at home, of cancer, in Higginson, Arkansas. Richard served in the United States Air Force and was an Alderman of Higginson, serving his adopted town proudly. He will be missed by his wife of 50 years Susan, sons Eric Bolton (Wendy) of Quincy, IL., Kevin Bolton (Nicole) of Elk, WA., a daughter Christine Bolton of IL, several grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, two brothers Jeff Bolton (Debbie) of MA, Bob Bolton (Marilyn) of Vermont, other relatives and numerous friends. This information is according to his obituary on the Roller-Daniel Funeral Home website.

Click to Enlarge 03/02/12 - Many thanks to Janis (Tilson) Thomas, BHS '60, for a heads-up on this sad news. Barbara E. (Manning) Ayers, age 69, died Sunday, February 26, 2012, at Beverly Hospital, Beverly, Massachusetts. She is survived by her longtime companion of thirty five years, Gerald Kuperstein of Beverly, a sister, Faith A. Richard and her husband, Peter of Underhill, VT, a brother, Ernest A. Manning of Beverly and many nieces and nephews. She was also the sister of the late Janice Trombley. This information is according to an obituary published in the Salem News.

Click to Enlarge 01/23/12 - Again, many thanks to Bruce Turner, BHS '60, for a heads-up on this sad news. William J. Doherty, age 69, retired financial services expert, died Monday, January 17, 2012 in Beverly Hospital, Beverly, Massachusetts. He is survived by two sisters Carol E. Michaud of Salem and Susan and her husband Stephen Feit of Pocatello, Idaho; five nieces and nephews, Jon Skerry of Salem, Patricia Julian of Salem, Scott Michaud of West Yarmouth, and Aaron and Adam Feit both of Pocatello Idaho and many cousins, grand nieces, grandnephews and friends. He was predeceased by his brother Peter Crean. This information is according to an obituary published in the Salem News.

Click to Enlarge 01/17/12 - Many thanks to Bruce Turner, BHS '60, for a heads-up on this sad news. Alfred "Doc" Nunes, age 70, retired chiropractor and entrepreneur, of Rockwall, Texas, died on Sunday, January 8, 2012. [Note: Location and cause of death unspecified]. Al is survived by his wife RaeJean; daughters Jody Harris and Jennifer Nunes; grandchildren Erica, Robin and Natalie Harris; and numerous nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. He was preceded in death by his parents, a son Daniel, and brother Ronald Nunes. This information is according to an obituary published in the January 11, 2012 Gloucester Times. There are cute pictures of Al attending the 2002 "Picnic in the Park" on August 2, 2002 (see collage at top right). Al and RaeJean attended our "40+1" reunion in 2002 (click on "41st Reunion" tab in the menu bar at the top of this page). I have not found any pictures of him other than those mentioned in 2002, however.

Click to Enlarge 03/24/11 - Many thanks to Paul Weinberg, BHS '58, and other classmates, for a heads-up on this sad news. Francis J. Conte, age 68, Professor of Law at the University of Dayton School of Law, died Sunday, March 20, 2011 at home in Oakwood, Ohio. Fran is survived by his mother, wife, four children, one brother, two sisters, and 11 nieces and nephews. This information is according to an obituary published in today's Salem News. Fran attended both our 50th reunion and Casual Night 2010.

Click to Enlarge 03/16/11 - Many thanks to Don Aucone, BHS '60, for a heads-up on this sad news. Robert J. Berg, according to his Social Security Death Index record, died on December 24, 2010, at age 68, location unspecified (thought to be Boston, MA). This is the only information I have for him. I learned last summer that he was suffering from cancer, so I assume this was the cause of death. If anyone has any more information, such as a copy of the obituary, I will add it here. This holds true for anyone else on this page, for that matter, including obituaries, photos, remarks, etc.

Click to Enlarge 02/27/11 - Many thanks to Terri (Farmer) Mikszenas, BHS '64, for a heads-up on this sad news. Judith (Stanton) Caron was sent an invitation to this year's Beverly-Florida Reunion, as was every BHS '60 classmate for whom I have a Florida USPS address. The word came back that she was deceased. According to her Social Security Death Index record, Judith died on September 02, 2009, at age 67, at Live Oak, Suwannee, FL. This is the only information I have for her, so cause of death and any survivors is unknown. I know her website, "Judy's Ceramic Bisque," was taken down by early March, 2009, which was not a good sign. The email address I had for her went "bad" around the same time. If anyone has any more information, I will add it here.

Click to Enlarge 02/17/11 - Many thanks to Paul Weinberg, BHS '58, for a heads-up on this sad news. According to an obituary published in today's Salem News, on Monday, February 14, Mrs. Pamela M. (Hansen) Spencer died at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston (cause not given). She was a life-long resident of Beverly. She is survived by her husband, a daughter, three sons, and 12 grandchildren. She was predeceased by 3 sisters and a brother.

Click to Enlarge 10/18/10 - Many thanks to Roz (Barnett) Cunningham for a heads-up on this sad news. According to an obituary published in the Los Angeles Times on November 1, 2009, Ronald J. Anastacia died almost exactly a year ago, on Tuesday, October 20, 2009, from a long-term illness. He was 67 years old. He was last known to be living in Marina del Rey, California. Ron was involved in the "Free Speech Movement" at Berkeley in 1964. Note: Our yearbook does not show the letter "a" at the end of his last name. A complete obituary is now available, in which you will notice his father does not have the letter "a" at the end of his name. Ron led an interesting life.

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06/30/10 - According to the Salem News of today, Wednesday, June 30, 2010, Thomas A. Field of Beverly, died Monday, June 28, 2010, at the Kaplan Family Hospice House in Danvers, Massachusetts. Read his obituary here.

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12/15/09 - According to the Salem News of today, Tuesday, December 15, 2009, Frederick S. Tobin of Conway, N.H., passed away suddenly on Wednesday, December. 9, 2009 at home. You can read the obituary here.

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11/02/09 - According to the Salem News of today, Monday, November 02, 2009, Kathleen Mary Burke (McKeown) of Winsor Locks, Connecticut, died Sunday, November 01, 2009 following a long illness. Kathy graduated from St. Anselm College, and received a master's degree in psychology from St. Joseph College. She had a distinguished career as a registered nurse She is survived by three children and four grandchildren. Kathy has been on our "Cannot Contact" list for many years. You can read her obituary here.

Click to Enlarge 09/25/09 - Picture added today. Several people have asked me about Dana McCormack him over the years, so on 01/12/09 I decided to add to our class Roster. Unfortunately, he died back in 1988, so he, sadly, belongs on this page, too. The SS Death Index result shows Dana R. McCormack, b. 02/02/42, d. 03/21/88. Last residence Beverly 01915. He died of cancer of the jaw, probably due to chewing tobacco. He was well liked...sad way to go.

Click to Enlarge 01/10/09 - According to the Salem News of today Saturday, January 10, 2009, Sandra (Tredway) Appleton of Las Cruces, New Mexico, died Wednesday, January 7, 2009 following a long illness She was a 1963 graduate of the Beverly Hospital School of Nursing. She worked at various local hospitals, and other locations as a nurse most of her life. Her last position was an IV Therapist for a doctor in Lac Cruces. She was once married to Daniel Appleton, BHS '58, and has one daughter Robin Ann. You can read her obituary here. Niels-Peter Hansen
Niels-Peter Hansen According to the Salem News of Tuesday, December 9, 2008, Niels-Peter Hansen died on Thursday, December 4, 2008, in UMass Memorial Healthcare in Worcester, after an extended illness. He leaves beloved wife Deborah of 43 years, two sons, a daughter, three grandchildren, one brother, and two sisters. He was predeceased by one sister. He was an electrical engineer, and was listed in the Who's Who in Physics in America. He was on our "Missing" list, so he never received reunion invitations, and the like. You can read his obituary here.

08/25/08 - Last week I received a more comprehensive obituary for Edward (Dick) Hajdys (photo 2nd down on right), thanks to Steve Gasperoni who gave a copy to Don Aucone to pass on to me. Thanks guys! Until this version came along, I did not even have a date of death for Dick. This obituary appears to me to be from a paper in Idaho. You can read it here. There is an article about him in the orange 2010 BHS 1960 Connections. [Opens in a new window].

Barbara E. (Anderson) Husbands 07/01/08 - According to the Salem News of June 30, 2008, Barbara E. (Anderson) Husbands, died on Tuesday, June 24, 2008, at the Sawtell Hospice House in Reading, after a lengthy battle with breast cancer. She leaves two children, a brother, and a former husband. She was in the education field most of her life. Her last job was the Education Resources Librarian at Salem State College, retiring in 2007. You can read the obituary here.

Pat (Gentleman) Rathe 04/30/07 - Today I located the obituary for Patricia (Gentleman) Rathe, previously overlooked in the "Salem News." She died Thursday, April 19, 2007, at Beverly Hospital. Her obituary was in the Saturday, April 21, 2007, "Salem News." The obit says Pat was married to husband Richard for 39 years. She was employed for 27 years at the children's day care program for the Sterling Center YMCA in Beverly. She was a communicant of St. John the Evangelist church in Beverly. Pat is survived by one son, his wife, and three grandchildren; also two brothers. She was predeceased by another brother.

07/19/06 - Today I received a phone call from John Warner, one of our BHS '60 classmates and a good friend to Edward (Dick) Hajdys. John received a phone call from Dick's sister Dale, who told him that Dick passed away this spring during his annual vacation in Thailand. Looking through my recent emails Edward (Dick) Hajdys from Dick, this would have happened after March 12, the date of my last email from him, and sometime before April 15, 2006, the approximate date he planned to return home. The story is that his Thai friends found him deceased in his hotel room. I have no other information at this time.

07/24/06 - Awhile back, Dick posted the following on the Beverly High Alumni website: "After 30 years in Alaska, I retired from the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game. I just built a house on a mountain top in Idaho and that is where I live now! The county has 1 (yes one) traffic light. Most of my friends are divorced (some several times) so I decided I didn't need that much fun!! I remain single. I attended UMass for two years and Utah State Univ. for 3 years. I received a BS in Forest-Range Science and did my masters work in Wildlife Management. I spend winters in Thailand drinking and raising hell like any other 18 year old!"

Paul Gardner 07/07/06 - Today I called Paul Gardner out in Oklahoma, to get his new email address, only to learn from his wife Mary Sue that he died on Sunday, June 21, 2005, from lung cancer. Paul was a beloved biology teacher for 20 years at Holland Hall, a prestigious private school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was the consummate naturalist according to a tribute I read. He was adept at carpentry, and anything he put his hands to, and personally built a greenhouse for Mary Sue's orchid collection. Mary Sue says, "He was incredible happy, and looking forward to retirement in a few years."

04/26/06 - According to the Salem News today, Scott S. Sederquist died on Sunday, April 23, 2006, at home in Manchester, NH, following a long illness. Scott was a drum major with our BHS band. He attended New Hampshire College. He graduated from the Field Music School, Parris Island, SC. He was in the USMC Scott S. Sederquist Drum and Bugle Corp. Later on he worked for Frito-Lay, and retired in 1997 as a district manager for Pepperidge Farm. He leaves his wife, Sally (Low) Sederquist, a son, and two daughters; eight grandchildren, two brothers and two sisters.

07/24/06 - Awhile back, Scott posted the following on the Beverly High Alumni website: "Completed a tour in the Marine Corps as well as an extra tour with the NH Air Nat'l. Guard. Worked for a while in the machine shop business but then went on to my own business with a Frito Lay route. After a while there was an opportunity with Pepperidge Farm Bakery that I could not pass up. I went on to stay with Pepperidge Farm for over 20 years and retired early in 1997 after completing many successful years as District Sales Manager in the state of N.H. I married the former Sally Low also of Beverly, and we have three wonderful children, and three grandchildren. I am very proud of all."

Ann (Deering) Lucas 04/04/06 - I contacted Charles (Chuck) Deering, '63, who posted his email address on the Beverly High Alumni website. He is Ann (Deering) Lucas' brother, and gave me the sad news that Ann died of an apparent heart attack in 1994 or 1995, in Clearwater, Florida. On April 13th, good 'ole Bill Shay, '59, our detective, provided me with a copy of her Florida Death Index record that shows the DOD is May 6, 1994. Thanks, Bill! For further details, see note.

Robert S. Reever 03/23/06 - From Jane (Ayers) Reever '62, "I would just like to inform you that my husband, Robert S. Reever, died on 2-24-06 at home after a long battle with kidney failure." Jane and Bob met when they were in the band during Bob's senior year. Jane was from Wenham, so that was her first year in the Beverly school system. They were married for 42 years. We are sorry for her loss, and condolences from Bob's classmates.

Margot (Burke) Brooks 01/19/06 - More sad news. I found the SS Death Index record for Margot (Burke) Brooks She died in Westchester, Illinoise, on Christmas Day, 1994. Many thanks to Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole, Nancy (MacDearmid) MacDowell, and Elizabeth (Mavrakos) Kitsopoulos. Betty gave me Margot's correct married name, place of residence in Illinois, and approximate year of death. Nancy is the one that told us that Betty knew these details, and Andrea notified me that Margot had passed away in the first place, after visiting Nancy. This is yet another example of someone for whom we thought we had a valid address, this time in Beverly. Whoever was receiving our reunion invitations and newsletters by mistake did not bother to let us know. I hope there are no more deceased classmates on our valid contact list. I don't like surprises, especially sad ones like this.

Sandy (Barker) Graves 09/03/05 - According to an obituary from the Salem News, provided to me by Bill Shay '59, Sandra E. (Barker) Graves died on Tuesday, March 26, 2002, in her home. She was married to Wesley Graves for 35 years. She was a customer service rep at Mass Electric for 31 years. Our own Sean McCarthy gave me a heads up on this, and Bill Shay '59 provided an obituary. [Sadly, Sandy was on our "missing" list, so we never contacted her about BHS '60 happenings...and she lived only minutes away from Angelicas, too. I believe more instances like this will be found in our "Missing" list.

Larry Thibodeau 07/22/05 - According to an obituary from the Beverly Times, provided to me by Bill Shay '59, Larry Thibodeau died on Thursday, April 13, 1989, after a long illness. He was a self-employed fisherman for many years. Our classmate database showed Larry living in Danvers for years until the wife of that Lawrence Thibodeau told us we had the right name but the wrong person. I believe more instances like this will be found in our "Missing" list. Thanks again, Bill Shay, for all your hard work!

RESURRECTED but LOST       07/01/05 - Good news here, for a change. L. David Tower has been moved from our deceased list, thanks to detective and leg work by William H. Shay '59. (And it isn't even Easter). We do not yet have any contact information for Dave, however, so he is now on our "Missing" list. Thanks for all your hard work, Bill!

Dr. Fred Kitterle 06/14/05 - In a phone call tonight from his wife Janet, sadly I learned that Dr. Frederick Kitterle passed away, in Chicago, on May 3, after a six-month battle with a rare form of cancer. Dr. Kitterle was Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Northern Illinois University. He was the former chairman of the University of Toledo's Psychology Department. He was a very nice person and will be missed by all that knew him well. Dr. Kitterle is survived by his wife; daughter, Kristine Wielgopolski; brother, Gregory Kitterle; sister, Diane Kitterle; mother, Marie Kitterle; and one grandson, and his very good lifetime friend, Jack Delaria, MD, who is himself a member of our Class of 1960. Fred's obituary did not appear in the Salem News. See a picture of him at our 2001 reunion here.

Albert Fabri 05/10/05 - According to an email I received from Charlie Fiory, Albert Fabri died on May 8. He had lived in Saugus for 24 years and in Wakefield for the past 12 years. Al received his Bachelor of Arts from Northeastern University and had been employed as an electrical engineer at VFA in Boston. In addition to his wife, he is survived by three daughters, one son, nine grandchildren, and two brothers, Donald and Larry. His obituary was published today in The Boston Globe. To my knowledge, this did not appear in the Salem News. [It did appear in the Beverly Citizen according to an email from Carol L. (Nickolson) Clark on 05/15/05.]

Pamela Ruth (Fitzgerald) Pound 04/17/05 - According to an email I received from Joanne (Dodge) McGee, "Pamela Ruth (Fitzgerald) Pound died Feb 6, 2005, in Vista, California. She had been suffering from a form of leukemia. Apparently, her family is not sending an obituary to any of our local papers. My husband and I flew out to visit with her in January. Now that I'm writing this message, I realize that I'm not absolutely positive about the date. I will try to confirm the day." [Sadly, she has been on our "missing" list, so we were never able to contact her about BHS '60 happenings. (Bill Nisbet)]

Lewis A. Belanger 12/23/04 -According to the Salem News today, Lewis A. Belanger died on Sunday, December 19, 2004, at home in West Newbury. He graduated the University of Pennsylvania, and attended the Warton School of Finance and Harvard Business School. He co-founded Commonwealth Carrier Corp in 1972, which he sold last year and retired. He is survived by his wife of 33 years, Dianne (Landry), a daughter, two sons, two grandsons, a sister, and his parents.

Joseph Maggiacomo 10/29/04 -According to the Salem News today, Joseph Maggiacomo died on October 29, 2004, at home in Beverly. He graduated from GE Apprentice School & Tufts University. He was employed at GE for 40 years, and continued his affiliation as a consultant through early 2004. He was the husband of Mary (Edgel) Maggiacomo. He leaves behind two children and their spouses, three sisters, seven grandchildren, and many nieces, nephews, and friends. He was the brother of the late Antonio Maggiacomo.

Harry 'Hutch' Hutchinson 10/06/04 -According to the Salem News today, Harry "Hutch" Hutchinson died on September 18, 2004, at home in his residence in Selah, Washington. He leaves behind three children, a stepson, a sister, and five grandchildren. He was the brother of the late John Hutchinson. He ended his career as a manufacturing engineer with Mitchelson Packaging in Washington. Earlier he spent many years at the United Shoe Machinery Corp in Beverly. Alice Toorks

08/14/04 - I called a western Massachusetts number supplied to me by Charlie Fiory and talked to the 90 year old mother of Alice (Toorks) Taylor, who used to live in Beverly. She informed me that Alice (Toorks) Taylor is deceased, but being old, she said she could not remember the year or any details. She did confirm that Alice graduated from Beverly High School. Sadly, I guess this particular rumor was true. It was also very sad when her mother said she would soon be joining her daughter. Sometimes it isn't easy. Thanks, Charlie!

07/02/05 - Thanks to detective work by Bill Shay '59, we now have a date and details for Alice. She was predeceased by her husband, Wayne A. Taylor. [Was Wayne in our class; the name is familiar?] Ellen Chessman

05/03/03 - According to the Salem News today, Ellen M. Chessman died unexpectedly in her home on Thursday, May 1, 2003. She retired in 1999 after 39 years at the Beverly National Bank. She did not have children. Geraldine A. (DiStefano) Pinciaro

03/18/03 - According to the Salem News today, Geraldine A. (DiStefano) Pinciaro died Monday, March 17, 2003, at Addison Gilbert Hospital following a brief illness. She was married to Walter Pinciaro, and was a lifelong resident of Beverly. She had two daughters and a son.

Pat (Conti) Dupont 12/30/02 - According to the Salem News today, Patricia C. (Conti) Dupont died Sunday morning, December 29, 2002, at her home. She was the wife of Wayne (Chick) Dupont, also a member of our BHS Class of 1960, with whom she shared 37 years of marriage. Ken Peterson She was a nurse at MGH, and most recently, a pediatric nurse for a Topsfield doctor for fifteen years. She is survived by a daughter and three sons, seven grandchildren, and her husband. She was a Beverly High School Class of 1960 officer, i.e., Treasurer.

12/24/02 - According to the Salem News, Kenneth W. Peterson died unexpectedly Saturday, 12/21/02, at Lowell General Hospital. It was a heart attack. He was a software engineer and project manager at Raytheon in Sudbury. He was very active in the Central Baptist Church in Chelmsford, Mass. Jerry Pelonzi

Billy Lemire 09/24/02 - According to the Salem News, Gerald A. ("Jerry") Pelonzi passed away on Monday, 09/23/02, in Mass General, after a long illness. He owned the Hearthside Restaurant in Essex and the Golden Circle in Lynn. I remember he said in homeroom one time he wanted to own a restaurant, and he did.

04/20/02 - Today I learned that William A. (Billy) Lemire died last week from a heart attack. He was a Co-Captain of our Football Team. He is in the Brown University Lacrosse Hall of Fame (1964). He was owner and President of Environmental Control & Abatement, Inc., in Missouri.
Dennis Lawler
Clint Martin RESURRECTED but LOST       04/20/02 - Happily, Ann Deering has moved from this list to the "missing" list, because I learned she did survive her horrible accident. We do not know where she is, however.

03/18/02 - According to the Salem News, Dennis A. Lawler died Thursday night, March 14, 2002, in Addison Gilbert Hospital, Gloucester, Massachusetts following a brief illness.

11/05/01 - According to the Salem News, Clinton R. Martin passed away on Saturday, November 3, 2001, at his home in Salem, Massachusetts.

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