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Beverly High School Class of 1960

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Those that appear on this list are incommunicado, too sick to be contacted. Very sad.

Some were emergencies
Some Were Emergencies

[Thankfully, nobody on this list right now]

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Stay away! Yes, this means you. Unfortunately, there is need for another list. I put this off for a long time, ignoring the need despite repeated incidents pointing to exactly this. Some of our classmates absolutely do not want to have any contact with their old classmates. If a classmate is on this list it means they are alive, and perhaps "found", so you can see neither the "Deceased List" nor the "Missing List" apply in these cases. The following 5 classmates do not wish to be contacted through the procedures set up on this site. The ones that told me this in person are not upset or angry, but simply do not want to be contacted. NOTE: here again, the date is nothing more than the date the entry was first made in the table. The number to the left is my reference number. They mostly match ascending alphabetical order until just before 400. There are a few exceptions, too. I want to be alone.
"I want to be alone."

        Greta Garbo
74 Barbara (Crandall) Silva  No contact wanted, per Barbara  08/27/2003
103 Nelson Durkee No contact wanted, per Nelson 07/18/2006
121 Michael "Mike" Flanagan No contact wanted, per Nancy Butler 02/13/2012
194 Philip H. LeBel No contact wanted, per Philip 08/16/2004
367 L. David Tower No contact wanted, per David (Leo) 02/16/2010
NOTE: Folks on this list will not receive the occasional unsolicited email from me announcing the next event or other item of interest. These average about two per year lately. They will not receive a newsletter, should one be produced, and probably not a reunion invitation, as we may not have current address information for them. If your name is on this list by error or otherwise, and you would like it to be removed, simply let me know by emailing your address information that we need to the Webmaster at the bottom of this page, or you can send traditional USPS mail to the address you see here. Conversely, if for any reason you would like your name to be added to this list, let the Webmaster know that too.

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