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Beverly High School Class of 1960

Classmate Roster

Complete Listing of Our Classmate Database

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(1) NOTES: If your name is not on the Roster below and you are a graduate of Beverly [Massachusetts] High School in the Class of 1960, or were ever in our class at any point along the way, then your name belongs on this list. To learn about this, click "Home" in the menu bar above, then click "How to Keep in Touch." Also, check out "Site Policies," especially "PRIVACY CONSIDERATIONS." Next, Contact the Webmaster.

(2) If your name is on the Roster below, and you are not receiving recent USPS mailings from BHS '60, then we probably do not have your correct mailing address. Contact the Webmaster. Ditto, if you have moved since then. We have to know where to send the next newsletter, report, and specially reunion invitations. Don't forget email any address changes, either. See why. Thanks!

(3) If you know the name and address of someone you think should be added to the roster, please Contact the Webmaster. Ditto if you find yourself among the "missing."

(4) HINT: Press the "Ctrl" and "f" keys simultaneously to use the standard Windows search feature. Search on last name as it was in high school.

(5) If you wish to contact a specific person in the class, Contact the Webmaster, and he will forward your note to that person by email, if possible, or by snail mail. They, in turn, will contact you. Please check the "Missing" list for people he cannot contact, the No Contact list for those classmates who don't want to, or cannot, hear from you, and the Deceased list for those nobody can contact. We have at least a mailing address for everyone else.

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Recent Changes Over Past Year or so:
First Date is When First Noted here, not DOD

09/21/19 Sandra (Walker) D'Entremont
09/21/19 Cynthia (Dix) Donahue
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10/20/19 Howard Allen Ryan, 77, died Saturday 9/21/19
09/21/19 Joseph Coppola
09/21/19 John Boschetti [I have a sketch of his life ("Not to be Published")
09/14/19 Peter Anthony Vaccarro, 77, died 06/20/19, (loction not noted)
07/04/19 Daisy (Dodge) Nugent, 76, died 06/25/19, (loction not noted)
05/10/19 James J. Savino, 77, died 04/12/19, Danvers
08/26/18 Kathryn (Anne) Healey, 76, died 08/16/18, Beverly

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This roster started out as a simple "dump" of our Classmates database, stripped of detail and of multiple records for the same person. It now contains classmate names as they were at Beverly High School, and actual names as they are today. Also, because this roster has all records from the database, there are duplicate records, status of "Duplicate." These are a second USPS address for the same person, almost always meaning a second home or permanent vacation address.

Anyway, as it says elsewhere on this website, membership is not limited to actual BHS 1960 graduates. Anyone who was in our class along the way is welcome. If you don't see your name on this list, simply Contact the Webmaster. If you know the contact information for someone not on this list that you think should be, Contact the Webmaster.

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Complete BHS Class of 1960 Roster
All Records From Our Database, But Just the Names Only
This list is now in strict ID sequence
Simply key Ctrl + f to search for a specific name

ID Name Status Name at BHS Current Name
1 ABBOTT, Nancy Torell   Nancy Abbott Nancy Torell
2 ALLARD, Judith Missing Judith Allard  
3 ALLISON, Susan   Susan Allison  
4 AMICO, Marianna Missing Marianna Amico  
5 ANASTASI, Ronald Deceased Ronald Anastasi Ronald J. Anastasia
6 ANDERSON, Barbara Husbands Deceased Barbara Anderson Barbara Husbands
7 ANDREWS, George J., Jr.   George Andrews  
8 ARDUINI, Jean Thompson   Jean Arduini Jean Thompson
9 ARMSTRONG, Roger   Roger Armstrong  
10 AUCONE, Donald   Donald Aucone  
11 BABCOCK, William   William Babcock  
12 BACCARI, Grace Barrett Missing Grace Baccari Grace Barrett
13 BAILEY, Primilla Young   Primilla Bailey Primilla Young
14 BAILEY, Thomas   Thomas Bailey  
15 BAISUCK, Allen Deceased  Allen Baisuck Al Baisuck
16 BARKER, Sandra E. Graves Deceased Sandra Barker Sandra Graves
17 BARNETT, Rosalind Cunningham   Rosalind Barnett Rosalind Cunningham
18 BARTLEY, Vivian Fumarola   Vivian Bartley Vivian Fumarola
19 BARTON, James H. Deceased James Barton  
20 BATES, E. Thomas, Jr.   Thomas Bates  
21 BEAULIEU, Marie Frost   Marie Beaulieu Marie Frost
22 BEAULIEU, Paul   Paul Beaulieu  
23 BECKER, Ralph R.   Ralph Becker  
24 BELANGER, Lewis Deceased Lewis Belanger  
25 BERG, Robert Deceased Robert Berg  
26 BERNIER, Carole Ann   Carole Bernier  
27 BIANCHI, Linda DePiero   Linda Bianchi Linda DePiero
28 BIRKEMOSE, Robert Deceased Robert Birkemose  
29 BIXBEE, Joyce LaRoe   Joyce Bixbee Joyce LaRoe
30 BOISVERT, Armand J., Jr.   Armand Boisvert  
31 BOLTON, Richard Deceased Rick Bolton Richard L. Bolton
32 BOSCHETTI, John Deceased John Boschetti  
33 BOUCHARD, Gail Murphy   Gail Bouchard Gail Murphy
34 BOUDREAU, Catherine Levesque Deceased Catherine Boudreau Catherine Levesque
35 BRENNAN, Mary E. Sether   Mary Brennan Mary Sether
36 BREWER, Phyllis Brown   Phyllis Brewer Phyllis Brown
37 BRIGGS, Mary Jane Bampos Deceased Mary Jane Briggs Mary Jane Bampos
38 BRODIE, Evan   Evan Brodie  
39 BROWNING, Ruth O'Donnell   Ruth Browning Ruth O'Donnell
40 BURKE, Kathleen (McKeown) Deceased Kathy Burke Kathy (McKeown) Burke
41 BURKE, Margot Brooks Deceased Margot Burke Margot Brooks
42 BURNS, Barbara French   Barbara Burns Barbara French
43 CAMPBELL, Neil   Neil Campbell  
44 CARROLL, James   James Carroll  
45 CARSON, Diane Bates   Diane Carson Diane Bates
46 CARSON, Gail Anne Chelf Deceased Gail Carson Gail Chelf
47 CASEY, Elizabeth Lyons   Elizabeth Casey Elizabeth Lyons
48 CELLINERI, Louis   Louis Cellineri  
49 CHAISSON, John   John Chaisson  
50 CHAPMAN, Brooke Hatch   Brooke Chapman Brooke Hatch
51 CHARLAND, Raymond   Raymond Charland  
52 CHASE, Raymond   Raymond Chase  
53 CHASE, Richard   Richard Chase  
54 CHESSMAN, Ellen Deceased Ellen Chessman  
55 CHIMEL, Leonard   Leonard Chimel  
56 CHRISTOPHER, John   John Christopher  
57 CIVITARESE, Nicholas   Nicholas Civitarese  
58 CLAYTON, Leonard   Leonard Clayton  
59 CLOYD, Grace Meyer   Grace Cloyd Grace Meyer
60 COHEN, Nancy Newman   Nancy Cohen Nancy Newman
61 COMEAU, William Deceased William Comeau  
62 CONANT, Richard Deceased Richard Conant  
63 CONNELL, Carol Savage   Carol Connell Carol Savage
64 CONNOLLY, Geraldine Overberg   Geraldine Connolly Geraldine Overberg
65 CONTE, Francis Deceased Francis Conte  
66 CONTI, Patricia Dupont Deceased Patricia Conti Patricia Dupont
67 CONWAY, Gail Seggel Deceased Gail Conway Gail Seggel
68 COOK, William   William Cook  
69 COPELAS, Peter Deceased Peter Copelas  
70 COPPOLA, Joseph Deceased Joseph Coppola  
71 COUHIG, Anne   Anne Couhig  
72 CRAGEN, John S. Deceased John Cragen Jack Cragen
73 CRAIG, Nancy Boucher   Nancy Craig Nancy Boucher
74 CRANDALL, Barbara Silva No Contact Barbara Crandall Barbara Silva
75 CRATEAU, Theodore   Theodore Crateau  
76 CROSBY, Guy   Guy Crosby  
77 CUCINELLI, Joyce Banks   Joyce Cucinelli Joyce Banks
78 DANSREAU, Richard Deceased Richard Dansreau  
79 DANIELS, Robert M. Deceased Robert Daniels (see note)
80 DARCY, Maureen E. Twarog   Maureen Darcy Maureen Twarog
81 DATILLO, JoAnne   JoAnne Datillo Joanna Datillo
82 DAVIS, Cynthia D.   Cynthia Davis  
83 DEDEO, Lawrence   Lawrence Dedeo  
84 DEERING, Ann Lucas Deceased Ann Deering Ann Lucas
85 DELARIA, Giacomo (Jack) A.   Jack Delaria Giacomo Delaria
86 D'ENTREMONT, Leonard   Leonard D'Entremont  
87 DEVEAU, Melvin Deceased Melvin Deveau  
88 DIRUBIO, Kenneth   Kenneth Dirubio  
89 DiSTEFANO, Geraldine Pinciaro Deceased Geraldine DiStefano Geraldine Pinciaro
90 DIX , Cynthia Donahue Deceased Cynthia Dix Cynthia Donahue
91 DODGE, Barbara Stowe   Barbara Dodge Barbara Stowe
92 DODGE, Daisy Nugent Deceased Daisy Dodge Daisy Nugent
93 DODGE, Joanne McGee   Joanne Dodge Joanne McGee
94 DOHERTY, William J. Deceased William Doherty  
95 DOTY, Deanna St. John   Deanna Doty Deanna St.John
96 DOYLE, M. Patricia Deceased Patricia Doyle  
97 DUHAMEL, Mary Elizabeth   Mary Duhamel  
98 DUMPHY, Barbara Hoar   Barbara Dumphy Barbara Hoar
99 DUNN, Dorothy Julie Deeley   Julie Dunn Julie Deeley
100 DUPONT, Wayne   Wayne Dupont  
101 DURAND, Lucille Fabri Deceased Lucille Durand Lucille Fabri
102 DURKEE, James   James Durkee  
103 DURKEE, Nelson No Contact Nelson Durkee  
104 EAGAN, Judith Dykeman   Judith Eagan Judith Dykeman
105 EARLEY, Carol Ann Adams   Carole Earley Carole Adams
106 EGAN, John Missing Jackie Egan John Egan
107 ELDRIDGE, Lea Anne MacNeill   Lea Anne Eldridge Lea Anne MacNeill
108 ELFSTROM, David Deceased David Elfstrom  
109 ELLIOTT, Charles   Charles Elliott Bud Elliott
110 FABRI, Albert Deceased Albert Fabri  
111 FABRI, Robert   Robert Fabri  
112 FAIRBANK, Joan   Joan Fairbank  
113 FAULKNER, Helen Fraser Deceased Helen Faulkner Helen Fraser
114 FAULKNER, Jay Deceased Jay Faulkner  
115 FELIX, Patricia Berg   Patricia Felix Patricia Berg
116 FIELD, Thomas A. Deceased Thomas Field  
117 FIORY, Charles   Charles Fiory  
118 FIREMAN, Ronnie-Sue Katz   Ronnie-Sue Fireman Ronnie-Sue Katz
119 FISHER, Judith Mercier   Judith Fisher Judith Mercier
120 FITZGERALD, Pamela Ruth Pound Deceased Pamela Fitzgerald Pamela Pound
121 FLANAGAN, Michael F. No Contact Mike Flanagan  
122 FORBES, Jeffrey Deceased Jeffrey Forbes  
123 FRANCESCO, Carol A. Baker   Carol Francesco Carol Baker
124 FRASCA, Michele Raffoni   Mickie Frasca Michele Raffoni
125 FRAZIER, Elaine   Elaine Frazier  
126 FREEDLAND, Gerald Deceased Gerald Freedland Jerry Freedland
127 FREEDMAN, Gail Melson   Gail Freedman Gail Melson
128 FREEDMAN, Gail Melson Duplicate Gail Freedman Gail Melson
129 FRYER, George   George Fryer  
130 FULLERTON, Cynthia Killeen Deceased Cynthia Fullerton Cynthia Killeen
131 GABRIEL, Charles F.   Fred Gabriel Charles Gabriel
132 GALLUZZI, Rose Anne Hadley   Rose Anne Galluzzi Rose Anne Hadley
133 GARDNER, Paul Deceased Paul Gardner  
134 GASTONGUAY, James   James Gastonguay  
135 GAUDREAU, Janice Harris   Janice Gaudreau Janice Harris
136 GENTLEMAN, Patricia Rathe Deceased Patricia Gentleman Patricia Rathe
137 GEORGE, James   James George  
138 GLASS, Judith Gysan   Judith Glass Judith Gysan
139 GOBEILLE, Rosemary Gongas   Rosemary Gobeille Rosemary Gongas
140 GOODWIN, Russell Deceased Russell Goodwin  
141 GORINI, Richard   Richard Gorini  
142 GRAY, Nancy Butler   Nancy Gray Nancy Butler
143 GREEN, Donna Poirier   Donna Green Donna Poirier
144 GROTTO, Janet McLaughlin   Janet Grotto Janet McLaughlin
145 GUT, Richard J.   Richard Gut  
146 HACKETT, David   David Hackett  
147 HADLEY, John   John Hadley  
148 HAJDYS, Richard Deceased Richard Hajdys Edward Hajdys
149 HALLISEY, Joseph M.   Joseph Hallisey  
150 HANLON, James   James Hanlon  
151 HANNIBAL, Russell   Russell Hannibal  
152 HANSEN, Pamela Spencer Deceased Pamela Hansen Pamela Spencer
153 HANSEN, Neils Peter Deceased Peter Hansen Neils-Peter Hansen
154 HARRINGTON, Richard   Richard Harrington  
155 HASZARD, Judith   Judith Haszard  
156 HATCH, William   William Hatch  
157 HAZEL, Judith Gilks   Judith Hazel Judith Gilks
158 HEALEY, Kathryn Deceased Kathryn Healey  
159 HEALEY, Thomas, Jr.   Thomas Healey  
160 HEANEY, Joan Heaney-Levesque   Joan Heaney Joan Heaney-Levesque
161 HEIGH, Janice Missing Janice Heigh  
162 HENDERSON, Donald C., Jr.   Donald Henderson  
163 HENSHAW, Linda Simms   Linda Henshaw Linda Simms
164 HOWARD, Richard A. Missing Richard Howard  
165 HUBBARD, Diane Flanders   Diane Hubbard Diane Flanders
166 HUBBARD, Sandra Atwood   Sandra Hubbard Sandra Atwood
167 HUSSEY, Peter Missing Peter Hussey  
168 HUTCHINSON, Harry Deceased Harry Hutchinson  
169 HUTCHINSON, Sandra Allen   Sandra Hutchinson Sandra Allen
170 INNIS, Sandra Feeney   Sandra Innis Sandra Feeney
171 IRELAND, Robert   Robert Ireland  
172 JOHNSON, Arthur S., Jr. Deceased Arthur Johnson
173 JOHNSON, Patricia Eldridge Deceased Patricia Johnson Patricia Eldridge
174 JOHNSON, Sorine Patton Missing Sorine Johnson Sorine Patton
175 JONES, Curtis E., Jr.   Curtis Jones  
176 JOSEPH, Martha Stavropoulos   Martha Joseph Martha Stavropoulos
177 KAPLAN, Alan   Alan Kaplan  
178 KATZ, Hinda Sterling   Hinda Katz Hinda Sterling
179 KATZ, Sidney   Sidney Katz  
180 KEECH, Polly Cain   Polly Keech Polly Cain
181 KIRBY, Gail Moore   Gail Kirby Gail Moore
182 KITTERLE, Frederick Deceased Fred Kitterle  
183 KOERTVELYESSY, Dr.Tibor A.   Tibor Koertvelyessy  
184 KRANSBERG, Lorna Gasperoni   Lorna Kransberg Lorna Gasperoni
185 LAMPREY, Carol Ann Poole   Carol Lamprey Carol Poole
186 LAPHAM, Linda Missing Linda Lapham  
187 LaROCHE, Gloria Warren Missing Gloria LaRoche Gloria Warren
188 LATORELLA, Elizabeth Baker Missing Elizabeth Latorella Elizabeth Baker
189 LAVOIE, Jane Frechette   Jane Lavoie Jane Frechette
190 LAWLER, Dennis Deceased Dennis Lawler  
191 LAWLER, Thomas   Thomas Lawler  
192 LAWLER, William (Nick)   Nick Lawler William Lawler
193 LEARY, Andrea   Andrea Leary  
194 LeBEL, Philip No Contact Philip LeBel  
195 LeCLAIR, Allison   Allison LeClair  
196 LeCLAIR, Jeanne Cammett   Jeanne LeClair Jeanne Cammett
197 LeCLERC, David   David LeClerc  
198 LEFAVOUR, Charlotte Turner   Charlotte LeFavour Charlotte Turner
199 LEIBOVITZ, Leah Tarnor   Leah Leibovitz Leah Tarnor
200 LEIGHTON, Brenda   Brenda Leighton  
201 LEMIRE, William Deceased William Lemire  
202 LEMP, Herman   Herman Lemp  
203 L'ITALIEN, Peter   Peter L'Italien  
204 LONGVAL, John   John Longval  
205 LOWE, Owen W., Jr.   Owen Lowe  
206 MacCAUSLAND, Barbara Jacko Barbara MacCausland Barbara Jacko
207 MacDEARMID, Nancy MacDowell   Nancy MacDearmid Nancy MacDowell
208 MacFARLANE, Patricia Till   Patricia MacFarlane Patricia Till
209 MACKENZIE, Fred   Fred MacKenzie  
210 MacKENZIE, Saundra Webber   Saundra MacKenzie Saundra Webber
211 MACKO, John C.   John Macko  
212 MacQUARRIE, Kathleen Cole Deceased Kathleen MacQuarrie Kathleen Cole
213 MAGGIACOMO, Joseph Deceased Joseph Maggiacomo  
214 MAISTRELLIS, Anita Buchanan   Anita Maistrellis Anita Buchanan
215 MANNING, Barbara Ayers Deceased Barbara Manning Barbara Ayers
216 MANZI, Paul   Paul Manzi  
217 MARESCALCHI, Richard   Richard Marescalchi  
218 MARLETTA, John   John Marletta  
219 MARSHALL, Carol Joyce Regan   Carol Marshall Carol J. Regan
220 MARTIN, Clinton Deceased Clinton Martin  
221 MAVRAGIS, Helene Montoni   Helene Mavragis Helene Montoni
222 MAVRAKOS, Elizabeth Kitsopoulos   Elizabeth Mavrakos Elizabeth Kitsopoulos
223 MAXNER, John   John Maxner Jack Maxner
224 McCABE, Hugh   Hugh McCabe  
225 McCARRON, Shalmeer Bren Deceased Shally McCarron Shally Bren
226 McCARTHY, Sean   Sean McCarthy  
227 McCARTHY, Thomas, Jr.   Thomas McCarthy  
228 McDONALD, Catherine DiGrazia Deceased Catherine McDonald Catherine DiGrazia
229 McGINN, Elaine Gray Deceased Elaine McGinn Elaine Gray
230 McINTYRE, Ronald   Ronald McIntyre  
231 McMAHON, Linda Lima   Linda McMahon Linda Lima
232 McQUEENY, Judith Schultz Deceased Judith McQueeny Judith Shultz
233 MEAD, Sharon Smithson   Sharon Mead Sharon Smithson
234 MEAD, Emmett William   William Mead Emmett Mead
235 MENESALE, Barbara Standley   Barbara Menesale Barbara Standley
236 MENESALE, Constance Dempsey   Constance Menesale Constance Dempsey
237 MERRILL, Jean Missing Jean Merrill  
238 MERSEREAU, Carol Dobson Deceased Carol Mersereau Carol Dobson
239 MEYER, Eleanor Blackwell   Eleanor Meyer Eleanor Blackwell
240 MICHETTI, Linda Nicosia Deceased Linda Michetti Linda Nicosia
241 MINIGAN, Ann Fournier   Ann Minigan Ann Fournier
242 MOCA, Janice Raymond   Janice Moca Janice Raymond
243 MOOD, Elizabeth Divito   Elizabeth Mood Betsy Divito
244 MOODY, William   William Moody  
245 MORITZ, Judith Calkins   Judith Moritz Judith Calkins
246 MORRILL, Patricia Lowd   Patricia Morrill Patricia Lowd
247 MORRIS, Charles Missing Charles Morris  
248 MORSE, Alan B.   Alan Morse  
249 MORSE, Richard Deceased Richard Morse  
250 MOSER, Charles   Charles Moser  
251 MUELLER, Gunter   Gunter Mueller  
252 MULVANITY, Carol Shalkoski   Carol Mulvanity Carol Shalkoski
253 MURPHY, Eleanor Deceased Eleanor Murphy  
254 MURCH Lawrence   Lawrence Murch  
255 NADEAU, Gloria Riley   Gloria Nadeau Gloria Riley
256 NARDELLA, James James Nardella Vincent J. Nardella
257 NELSON, William   William Nelson  
258 NICKOLSON, Carol L. Clark   Carol L. Nickolson Carol Clark
259 NICOLL, Carol Ann Sunde   Carol Nicoll Carol Sunde
260 NILES, Judith Sarcione   Judith Niles Judith Sarcione
261 NISBET, William   William Nisbet  
262 NOONAN, Carol Ann Ferris   Carol Noonan Carol Ferris
263 NOREN, Paul   Paul Noren  
264 NORRIS, Paul   Paul Norris  
265 NUNES, Alfred Deceased Al Nunes  
266 NYLAND, Faye Somes   Faye Nyland Faye Somes
267 OBEAR, Patricia Gentile   Patricia Obear Patricia Gentile
268 O'KEEFE, Thomas   Thomas O'Keefe  
269 PALMER, Deane Deceased Deane Palmer  
270 PAINCHAUD, Reanne Normand   Reanne Painchaud Reanne Normand
271 PARMENTER, John   John Parmenter  
272 PARSONS, Lorna Young   Lorna Parsons Lorna Young
273 PECUNIES, Nancy Fowler   Nancy Pecunies Nancy Fowler
274 PELLICELLI, Lois M. McHugh   Lois Pellicelli Lois McHugh
275 PERKINS, Judith Fanning   Judith Perkins Judith Fanning
276 PERKINS, Sandra Gourdeau   Sandra Perkins Sandra Gourdeau
277 PERKINS, Richard Deceased Richard Perkins  
278 PETERSON, Karen Smyrnios Deceased Karen Peterson Karen Smyrnios
279 PETERSON, Kenneth W. Deceased Kenneth Peterson  
280 PHILPOT, Betsy Walke   Betsy Philpot Betsy Walke
281 PIERCE, Alice Dexter   Alice Pierce Alice Dexter
282 PIERCE, Judith P. Jefferson   Judith Pierce Judith P. Jefferson
283 PIETRINI, William   William Pietrini  
284 PILLMAN, Grace Hughes   Grace Pillman Grace Hughes
285 PINCIARO, Robert   Robert Pinciaro  
286 PINCIARO, Rosalie Kerr   Rosalie Pinciaro Rosalie Kerr
287 PITMAN, Virginia McCarthy   Virginia Pitman Virginia McCarthy
288 POMPEY, Suzanne Grout   Suzanne Pompey Suzanne Grout
289 POOLE, Ronald A.   Ronald Poole  
290 PORRECA, Linda Hayward   Linda Porreca Linda Hayward
291 POTTER, Judith Deceased Judith Potter  
292 POWERS, Kathleen Johnson   Kathleen Powers Kathleen Johnson
293 POWERS, Linda Pouliot   Linda Powers Linda Pouliot
294 PREDKA, Thomas Deceased Thomas Predka  
295 PSZENNY, Jo-An F.   Jo-An Pszenny  
296 PUBLICOVER, Linda Neilson   Linda Publicover Linda Neilson
297 QUIGLEY, William, III   William Quigley  
298 QUINN, Dennis   Dennis Quinn  
299 RAY, Linda Macomber   Linda Ray Linda Macomber
300 RAYMOND, Andrea Stackpole   Andrea Raymond Andrea Stackpole
301 REEVER, Robert Deceased Robert Reever  
302 REEVES, Donna Pope   Donna Reeves Donna Pope
303 RENZIE, Sylvia Nelson   Sylvia Renzie Sylvia Nelson
304 RHUDA, Paul   Paul Rhuda  
305 RIMARI, Roberta J.   Roberta Rimari  
306 RIQUIER, Thomas   Thomas Riquier  
307 ROBBINS, Richard   Richard Robbins Dick Robbins
308 ROBERTS, Leonard   Leonard Roberts  
309 ROBICHAU, James   James Robichau  
310 ROBINSON, Kent Deceased Kent Robinson  
311 ROBINSON, Rowena Flynn   Rowena Robinson Rowena Flynn
312 ROGERS, Patricia Anderson   Patricia Rogers Patricia Anderson
313 ROSCOE, Donna Winslow   Donna Roscoe Donna Winslow
314 ROSSI, Alfred   Alfred Rossi  
315 ROSSI, Irene   Irene Rossi  
316 ROWE, William Missing William Rowe  
317 RUSSELL, Margaret Clark   Margaret Russel Margaret Clark
318 RYAN, H. Allen Deceased Al Ryan H. Allen Ryan
319 ST. CHARLES, Judith Odiorne   Judith St. Charles Judith Odiorne
320 SANTIN, Jean Normand   Jean Santin Jean Normand
321 SANTIN, Rita Colin Deceased Rita Santin Rita Colin
322 SAULENAS, Christine Noonan   Christine Saulenas Christine Noonan
323 SAVINO, James Deceased James Savino  
324 SCANLON, Linda Seal   Linda Scanlon Linda Seal
325 SEARLES, Donald   Donald Searles  
326 SEDERQUIST, Scott S. Deceased Scott Sederquist  
327 SEERY, Gail Weyant   Gail Seery Gail Weyant
328 SHANNON, Claire Mascioli   Claire Shannon Claire Mascioli
329 SHARE, Neil   Neil Share  
330 SHEEHY, Thomas Deceased Thomas Sheehy  
331 SICOTTE, Robert Deceased Robert Sicotte Bob Sicotte
332 SIDELL, Linda Cote   Linda Sidell Linda A. Cote
333 SIGMAN, Roberta Jones   Roberta Sigman Roberta Jones
334 SMIGLIANI, Richard Deceased Richard Smigliani  
335 SMITH, Donald Deceased Donald Smith  
336 SMITH, Michael   Michael Smith  
337 SMITH, Nancy Mairs Deceased Nancy Pedrick Smith Nancy (Pedrick Smith) Mairs
338 SMITH, Russell Deceased Russell Smith  
339 SMITHSON, Richard   Richard Smithson  
340 SQUIBB, William   William Squibb  
341 STANDLEY, Diana Jason   Diana Standley Diana Jason
342 STANLEY, William   William Stanley  
343 STANTON, Judith Caron Deceased Judith Stanton Judith Caron
344 STARRETT, Bonnie Larcom   Bonnie Starrett Bonnie Larcom
345 STETSON, Donald   Donald Stetson  
346 STEWART, Richard   Richard Stewart  
347 STICKENS, Elaine McIntyre   Elaine Stickens Elaine McIntyre
348 STONE, Beatrice Dillaby   Beatrice Stone Beatrice Dillaby
349 STONE, Betty J. Hill Missing Betty Stone Betty Hill
350 SWIFT, Patricia Gajdosik   Patricia Swift Patricia Gajdosik
351 TAGNEY, Rosemary Smith   Rosemary Tagney Rosemary Smith
352 TANZELLA, Della Beaulieu   Della Tanzella Della Beaulieu
353 TAWSE, Carol Collins   Carol Tawse Carol Collins
354 TAYLOR, Betty Anne Putnam   Betty Taylor Betty Putnam
355 TAYLOR, Faith O'Malley   Faith Taylor Faith O'Malley
356 TERRY, Glenn   Glenn Terry  
357 THIBODEAU, Carol Marciano   Carol Thibodeau Carol Marciano
358 THIBODEAU, Larry Deceased Larry Thibodeau  
359 THOMPSON, Doreen Charland   Doreen Thompson Doreen Charland
360 TILLSON, Janice Thomas   Janice Tillson Janice Thomas
361 TOBIN, Frederick Deceased Fred Tobin  
362 TOGNACCI, Dolores McCallum   Dolores Tognacci Dolores McCallum
363 TOLL, Patricia Bell   Patricia Toll Patricia Bell
364 TOLVANEN, John   John Tolvanen  
365 TONEATTI, Sandra MacKay   Sandra Toneatti Sandra MacKay
366 TOORKS, Alice Deceased Alice Toorks  
367 TOWER, L. David No Contact David Tower Leo Tower
368 TOWNSEND, Kenneth   Kenneth Townsend  
369 TREDWAY, Sandra Appleton Deceased Sandra Tredway Sandra Appleton
370 TRENOWETH, Joyce Brewer Deceased Joyce Trenoweth Joyce Brewer
371 TROIANI, Jane Olszewski   Jane Troiani Jane Olszewski
372 TROUBETARIS, Kathleen M. Deceased Kathy Troubetaris Kathy Troubetaris-Stevens
373 TURNER Bruce R. Deceased Bruce Turner  
374 TYRIE, Heather S. Wilcauskas   Heather Tyrie Heather Wilcauskas
375 VACCARO, Peter Deceased Peter Vaccaro  
376 WAIT, Lorraine Dupont   Lorraine Wait Lorraine Dupont
377 WALES, Frederick   Fred Wales  
378 WALKER, Sandra D'Entremont Deceased Sandra Walker Sandra D'Entremont
379 WALKER, Sharon Thibedeau   Sharon Walker Sharon Thibedeau
380 WARD, Judith Murphy   Judith Ward Judith Murphy
381 WARNER, John W.   John Warner  
382 WEBB, David Missing David Webb  
383 WEEKS, Gordon   Gordon Weeks  
384 WESTON, Keith E.   Keith Weston  
385 WHEELER, Arthur   Arthur Wheeler  
386 WHEELER, Nona Caron   Nona Wheeler Nona Caron
387 WHIDDEN, Robert   Robert Whidden  
388 WHITTIER, Sally Anne Malloy   Sally Whittier Sally Malloy
389 WHITTREDGE, Neal   Neal Whittredge  
390 WILDES, Martha Carr   Martha Wildes Martha Carr
391 WILKINSON, Deborah Angelini Deceased Deborah Wilkinson Deborah Angelini
392 WILSON, Beverly Abramson   Beverly Wilson Beverly Abramson
393 WILSON, David Missing David Wilson  
394 WOODMAN, Scott   Scott Woodman  
395 WOODS, M. J.   Michael Woods MJ Woods
396 ZEITZOFF, Elaine Leppo   Elaine Zeitzoff Elaine Leppo
397 TOMEO, Mary Cloutier   Mary Tomeo Mary Cloutier
398 PELONZI, Gerald Deceased Jerry Pelonzi  
399 DEWART, Alan   Alan Dewart  
400 DOVE, David   David Dove  
401 BERNSON, Victor   Victor Bernson  
402 ASTOLFI, Douglas   Douglas Astolfi  
403 QUINLAN, David Deceased David Quinlan  
404 DAVIS, Judy Deceased Judy Davis  
405 RYAN, H. Allen Duplicate Allen Ryan Howard Ryan
406 CARLTON, Phillip   Phillip Carlton  
408 TYRIE, Heather S. Wilcauskas Duplicate Heather Tyrie Heather Wilcauskas
409 KEECH, Polly Cain Duplicate Polly Keech Polly Cain
410 DEWART, Brian   Brian Dewart  
411 DELLAMONICA, Sandra Vitale   Sandra Dellamonica Sandra Vitale
412 McCORMACK, Dana Deceased Dana McCormack  
413 KNOWLTON, Beverly A. Fournier   Beverly Knowlton Beverly Fournier
414 CHAPMAN, Brooke Hatch Duplicate Brooke Chapman Brooke Hatch
415 J. Gregory A. Hill   Greg Hill  
416 RHUDA, Paul Duplicate Paul Rhuda  
417 PILLMAN, Grace Hughes Duplicate Grace Pillman Grace Hughes
418 MacDONALD, Wayne   Wayne MacDonald  
419 PISA, Ralph Deceased Ralph A. Pisa Tony Pisa
ID Name Status Name at BHS Current Name

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STATUS CODES: "Missing" indicates a classmate whom we cannot contact. "No Contact" is a classmates who cannot be contacted due to serious illness, or who does not wish to be contacted. "Deceased" means a classmate known to be deceased. "Duplicate" means another USPS address for a given classmate, usually a second home. Please note we cannot know how many people are actually deceased: (1)

As of  06/08/08, status code "Spouse in Class" has been eliminated. You can see who married within our class here. Status code "Committee" has also been eliminated. Status code "Duplicate" is new and shows up on this list because the list now shows all records. "Duplicate" means there is one or more alternative addresses for a classmate, usually for a second home or winter residence.

Please, if you see errors or omissions, notify the Webmaster - Thanks!

RECAP:       Unique Individuals = 411      Deceased = 108      No Contact = 5      Missing = All time low once was 15, now unknown.
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Figures on this page are current as of the "Last updated" date at the bottom of this page.

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