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Beverly High School Class of 1960

Comments From Your Classmates

These Are Comments About Our Website

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bhs60 - the greatest!

What Your Classmates Said About This Site

Thank you for all your hard work over the years. I have enjoyed reading about what goes on in the "Old Town". My only problem has been who all those senior citizens are. :)

James L. Carroll    06/29/09

I was reviewing the roster on our website. [...] Thank you for our wonderful website. Best regards,

Jo-An Pszenny

I think you're so nice to have started this website because very few classes have that. Best regards,

Beverly (Knowlton) Fournier

My experience is that it is always good to hear from our former classmates, unless it is a death or do not contact notice. A few years back Fred Kitterle almost became my boss. We have not seen each other in about 28 or so years before, but immediately recognized each other. He did not get the position and then shortly after that he got that rare form of cancer!

Fantastic job on the 1960 website. Keep up the good work and thanks! Having been at Ohio University for 33 years, I retired (i.e., Professor Emeritus of Anthropology) and moved to Florida's Gulf Coast! Hope all is well with you, and wishing everyone in the 1960 class all the best.

Tibor Koertvelyessy

Thank you for tracking me down! I didn't even know I was missing! The website is great...and a joy to read (except the deceased page)...It is hard to believe that our 50th will be in four years! Can we really be that old? I will look forward to news of our class. Again, I sincerely appreciate your finding me...

Nancy (Abbott) Torell

It's been some time since I last checked the BHS Alumni site, especially my class of 1959, when I looked into your 1960 site. Since I knew many in that class it was interesting to see the details, information and pictures you have. The years have been good and bad to us all. A very good site.

Al DePiero, BHS '59

Bill, keep up the great work on the website; I check it regularly and spend time thumbing through everything; I never get tired of looking at those photos. It was our pleasure to be able to contribute to the BHS'60 website. You are doing a fantastic job on the site! As for the reunion, well, I understand the reasons for changing it, and they're good ones. So we'll come to the 50th! I too am sorry for the mixup, but all is well, and I know that Angelica's will be just as much fun as last time; I look forward to [seeing] the photos!

Linda (Publicover) Neilson

Bill, thanks so much for your efforts. I just caught up with Jack Remare, class of 1958 after seeing his picture that Andy Steele's sister sent in. Lots of memories of a great senior year in sports for the class of 1958. BHS was a great place for the golden 50's graduates.

Henry Betts '58

It's good to touch base with you. What a terrific website. Class of 60 should feel proud.

Roberta J. Rimari

I was browsing through your web site, as I saw [the URL] in the paper tonight [01/04/05]. My sister, Kathleen (MacQuarrie) Cole is among your deceased classmates. She died after a long and courageous battle with ovarian cancer on August 31, 1997 (same day as Princess Diana). [...] Very nice web site - I am a member of the BHS class of '69. Sincerely,

Christine Salvanelli '69

By the way.....The website site is wonderful ! Thank you.

Bruce R. Turner

Hope to see you [at the reunion] in 2005. Thanx for all your hard work!

Carol (Nickolson) Clark

Bill, you have obviously put great effort and innumerable hours into the BHS website, along with working to find members of the class and keep in contact with everybody. ... I must say I chuckled a lot when I checked out some of the photos. ...I loved high school; it was a wonderful time in my life! But how did we get to be of "a certain age?" ... Somehow today's kids are missing a lot of the fun we had in high school. Anyway, the BHS '60 website is wonderful, and I sincerely thank you for making it so.

Martha (Wildes) Carr

Bill, you're doing a great job with your Class website. I enjoy checking from time to time to read the latest about my friends from the Class of '60. Best wishes to all.

Paul Weinberg, BHS '58

I received this site [location] from an old shipmate of mine. Good to see such enthusiasm. Well done bhs60.

Joe Hallisey

I did find the BHS Class of '60 website with a short search. You have done a great job collating the information. I do not know that I can add anything in terms [of] missing or found classmates. Sometimes it is hard to remember who was actually in our class or one or two years either side of it. For instance, Scott Woodman and I were very close during high school, but I have had more to do with his older brother, David, because he is a member of our boat club. I last saw Scott about 4 years ago when he moved off to the [New Hampshire] woods. I am glad to see a contact for him, as I had lost touch. We are all indebted to you for your work on this fine website.

Fred Wales, Jr.

I am impressed that you are so devoted to our poor old class! Already preparing for 2005! Holy cow! 45th reunion! Can't be! Despite my advanced age, I'm fine, very busy... Thanks so much for all your work to keep this class connected! I revisited the website, and, once more was thoroughly impressed. Great job!

Diane (Hubbard) Flanders

I enjoy going into the web site 2 or 3 times a year to check thing out. You do a great job with it. ...I'm still in CT and my grand children keep me very busy ... [We] have always been very healthy and enjoy the traveling that we do (when we manage to squeeze it in). ... It's sad to read the section on passed [away] class of 60 grads.

David LeClerc

I enjoy this site !

Herman Lemp

I have only recently recontacted old friends, and your site helped me do it. It was really exciting... Best wishes and thanks for your hard work...

Carol (Nicoll) Sunde

Just looked at the new reunion site. You've done a great job! Everything out here is fine, but I do miss being back east.

Betsy (Philpot) Walke

Keep up the good work on the BHS site....I stop by every two weeks or so to see what's new.

John Parmenter

Best wishes to you... I thank you for the wonderful job that you are doing. I personally hate communicating via computer...

Roberta (Sigman) Jones

Bill...long time, no see. A nice job on the web page. ...keep up the good work.

Bob Whidden

Bill, I have to tell you what a great site you have for your class of 1960. It's very impressive.

Dave Tomeo, BHS '65

Appreciate all your efforts, Bill. It is really quite a comprehensive site and I know you must spend quite a lot of effort maintaining it.

Dave Quinlan

Although it's not really possible for me to get to Beverly anymore, it's fun seeing some of the websites and emails and occasional pics of the kids we went to school with. Thanks for being involved and making it happen for those of us who are more remote and/or lazy.

Al Baisuck

Thanks for keeping me up to date on the happenings in Beverly. We've kind of lost touch since my Mom passed [away].

Jim Gastonguay

I had a really great hour or so about a month ago browsing the website you created---an excellent job---it must have been so satisfying to get that up and running. I can see it's sort of taken on a life of its own---wonderful!

Andrea (Raymond) Stackpole

..a great job, and [I hope] everyone will get a kick out of [my] photos. [They] sure came out great. [you can check them out on the "photos from classmates" page, and the scout picture on the Ryal Side page]

Charles (Fred) Gabriel

I do appreciate ... your effort with the website. I have enjoyed the comments of many of our classmates. Your hard work and expertise on the website is a wonderful gift to our class. Thank you!

Willie Pietrini

What a great job you are doing! I for one am very appreciative of your time and efforts.

Don Stetson

Logged onto the website - pretty good!!!!!!!!!! Will let my two brothers and two sisters who followed me [know] about the website.

Bill Babcock

Finally have decided to share my e-mail address with you. Somehow you've convinced me that I won't be inundated with lots of junk "mail". By the way, I looked at the web site for the first time today and was very impressed with the wonderful job that you have done. It was fun reading classmates comments etc.

Elaine (Zeitzoff) Leppo

Took a look at your website. Great pictures from last Friday. [Picnic in the Park II, August 08, 2002]

Betsy (Black) Benham, BHS '58

You have done a great job with the BHS website. I have so many friends in your class, and email many. I hope to get to the next Lynch Park reunion.

Jack Remare, BHS '58

Have got to compliment you on the work you've done on the website. I really enjoy keeping updated with our classmates and also those trips down "Memory lane". Thank you for making it possible.

Vivian Bartley Fumarola

I finally did take a look at the photos on the web, and I found the one of your birthday party. You have a good memory, because I couldn't recognize myself in the shadows there ... Thanks for your efforts in getting the Class together.

Dick Chase

I wish that I could be there [Picnic II] but I am stuck here in China for work and will not be back in the States until fall. I do, however, want to thank you for maintaining the web site. It is great to have.

Doug Astolfi

I think a 60's party for the class of 60 is a terrific idea. Although I cannot attend the picnic, I am totally interested in a 60's party. I live on Cape Cod and would gladly share my home for a party if people don't mind traveling the distance. Love the Web site...couldn't ask for anything better. Keep me informed.

Yes our Caps and gowns were green. You are right about the year book being green covered. You are doing a terrific job with our web site...keep up the great job.....

Connie "Menesale" Dempsey

Checked out the new web site-pretty impressive.

Carol (Lamprey) Poole

Hope all is well with you-I have been to the bhs class of 60 web site a couple of times and it is great-you have done a fantastic job with it-I know everyone appreciates all your hard work on it!

Lois (Pellicelli) McHugh

I enjoyed looking at the website, but is there any chance of having the people in the pictures identified ... for those of us who haven't seen them in 42 years, I have no idea who any of them are ...

Sally Whittier Malloy (St. Kitts, West Indies)

You have done an outstanding job with this web site. Thanks for your energy, your enthusiasm, and your expertise. I greatly appreciate all you have done.

Michele Frasca Raffoni

Well, the site looks great and hopefully people will check it out periodically. Thanks for all your work...Think your policy makes sense and am impressed you're sophisticated enough to consider having one. I know too many websites, companies, groups that have no pollicies and no consistency, so that's comforting.

Sandy (Toneatti) MacKay

Great job...!!!! I have really enjoyed going through all the pictures. I did notice you didn't update all the e-mail addresses from the reunion. I can understand that because you have certainly been busy creating this website. Just a fantastic job. Congratulations!!! Doug and I will probably be there in August because again this falls on our vacation. See you then.

Helen (Faulkner) Fraser

just went into the web site...it is looking good...You have done excellent work.... [our site] says it all..

Nancy (Craig) Boucher

I checked out the photos of the reunion and discovered that everyone that I went to high school with is now a lot older than me. When did that happen?

Scott Woodman

I have spent the evening going through all the information and pictures of the reunion and picnic...but when I couldn't figure out who the people were in the pictures I decided the badges were not big enough...You have done a beautiful job with the website!!! I am hoping that it will be well used after all your work. To me this would have been a enormous task. For you, I can tell it was a joy. ...thanks for all the time and effort you are putting into the site.

Pat (Swift) Gajdosik

Thanks for the great website. I love your picture of under construction. I put the site on my favorites list so I can keep up with announcements. ... It is a fine website. Thanks for your fine work. ... I just got off the BHS website and I loved the pictures. I never saw Scott Woodman in a bathing suit and now I have. I want you to know how much i enjoyed the pictures and again to thank you for your work on the website.

Janice (Tilson) Thomas

As usual, I am amazed at the quality of the work you're doing. Keep up the good work.

Gordon Weeks

Just checked our new web site. Looks great. On the reunion pictures, if people look close enough, they will see the nametags and pictures to figure out who the graduate is. Anyway, looks great. Thanks for all the hard work you do.

Primilla (Bailey) Young

Keep up the good work.

Paul Rhuda

Nice job on the site. I enjoyed reading the list of attendees. It would be fun to re-meet them.

Dave Dove

I went on-line and saw all the photos, etc. Good job! See you at Lynch Park on the 2nd.

Lorna (Kransberg) Gasperoni

Great job on the BHS website. Have a wonderful summer...Hopefully we will make the next Picnic in the Park. We had a wonderful time last year. We are sorry that we missed the 41st the next day, but we had grandchildren duties in Maine and we could not miss that when we get to see them so infrequently, as they live in Colorado.

Allen Ryan

Thanks for setting up the website. It is great to see the pictures of us all.

Pat (Conti) Dupont

Great job on the web page! Love the pictures, especially those identifying the subjects, because some of us have changed just a little bit. Take care.

Bob Ireland

I love the website....I was up until 2:00am yesterday reading what everyone wrote. I hope to get some free time over the weekend to check out the rest of the site. Hopefully, somewhere there is an explanation as to how to update/add to our personal information. (Haven't gotten that far yet).

Barbara (Burns) French

I went into the web site. It is awesome; you have done a wonderful job.

Jane (Lavoie) Frechette

Yes, I am Linda's sister. I'm so glad you contacted me and happy to know she will be remembered on the BHS website. Linda's married name was Nicosia, not Lima. She passed away on September 30, 1991. At the time of her death, she was 49 years old and resided in Salem, New Hampshire. She was the wife of Riccardo Nicosia, the mother of Ricky, Diana, and Debra Nicosia, and the grandmother of twin girls. I am attaching some pictures that you may be able to use for the memoriam. Thanks so much.

Patricia (Michetti) Orlando, BHS '61

This is just a comment. I am from the class of '62 I think your site is wonderful. You have worked very hard I hope people appreciate it. What a great job. I have been having fun just looking around...I don't know of anyone other class that has a site like you do. My name was Kathy Richards in school. I enjoyed the pictures but was a little baffled as to who they were. It was fun looking, however. We are having our 40th in Oct and are joining the class of 63 it should be a great time.

Kathy (Richards) Phipps, BHS '62

I enjoyed visiting our web site. It is very sad to see the list of classmates that have passed away. I didn't realize Judy Potter passed away. That is so sad also.

Judy (Perkins) Fanning

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