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Beverly High School Class of 1960

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Bob Daniels

Bob DAniels '60

May 2009
(Posted 08/13/10)
David Dove

David Dove

(Posted 08/15/10)

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  Don Aucone
  Brooke (Chapman) Hatch
  Nancy (Craig) Boucher
  Charlie Fiory
  Charlie (Fred) Gabriel
  Edward "Dick" Hajdys
  Beverly (Knowlton) Fournier
  Linda (Michetti) Nicosia [from sister Pat]
  Bill Nisbet
  Bill Quigley
  Pat (Toll) Bell
  Scott Woodman
  Single Photos  <== 07/22/13  Smith Brothers Photo
  Sandy (Steele) DeFord
  Paul Weinberg '58

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Mostly Football - From Don Aucone

Don in His Shop 1958 Varsity The Bermuda Trip<BR>Spring 1959 Don Receiving Pass Varsity Offense<BR>Fall 1959 1956 Brisco Team
Don in His Shop 1958 Varsity 1958 Team
Bermuda Trip
Spring 1959
Don Receiving Pass Varsity Offensive
Fall 1959
1956 Brisco Team

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Brook (Chapman) Hatch    Posted 07/23/10

bh01    bh02    bh03    bh01
2010 - Brooke   2010 - Brooke   2010 - Brooke &
Theron Hatch, DMD
  2010 - Brooke

I am so sad to miss the good times you all will have over the Reunion Weekend! These pix were taken several weeks ago (back from July 21) on Highland Lake where we row, in Bridgton (Maine).  Ron and I have this sculling as our major form of exercise!  Our rowing regatta is the Maine State Regatta, and Ron is in charge with a couple of other guys! Bill: you cannot imagine how sad we are to miss the big event. 

Brooke (Chapman) Hatch

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From Nancy (Craig) Boucher

  The 25th Reunion in 1985 was
on October 25th, at the
Danversport Yacht Club.
Click Picture to Enlarge BHS '60
b. Rickard LeBlanc, Richard Murphey,
Robert Dennis, Stuart Allen, Lee Craig
f. Peter L'Italien, Ronald McKensey(sp?)
Jimmy Robichau
25th Reunion 1985

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2001 Reunion - From Charlie Fiory

Roger A., Judith H., Charlie F., Charlie M. BHS '60 BHS '60 BHS '60
Roger A., Judith H.
Charlie F., Charlie M.
Gordon W. in White
D. Aucone Dancing
Neil W. Leads
the Raisinettes
Gordon W.'s Banner

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Edward (Dick) Hajdys

Annual Thailand Vacation - 2002

BHS '60               BHS '60               BHS '60
Jambo Bar
Pattaya, Thailand
              Scuba Trip
Ko Chang Island
              Living the Dream

Living the Other Dream in Idaho

BHS '60               BHS '60
Mist in the Mountains               On a Clear Day...

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Beverly (Knowlton) Fournier

BHS '60               BHS '60
Arlonia (Dinsi) and me
Dane Street Beach, 1958
              Valentine's Day Dance
Memorial Jr. High, 1955

Photo Right: "Arlonia Dinsmore and me at a Valentine's Day dance at Memorial Jr. High in 1955. I would love to have it posted on the site. Arlonia was a member of the class of 1958 but left school and completed her education in Bloomington, IL after marrying Bob Nehrt and moving there in the 1960's. We started out together as friends in Ryal Side and attended the old Ryal Side school together. We both lived on Winthrop Ave. Arlonia was born on June 22, 1939 and passed away on September 7, 1997 from a heart ailment. She was the mother of Cindy, Peter, Vicky, Bobby and Dee and had run a dog grooming business and a mini poodle kennel, winning many trophies and ribbons in local and state dog shows."

Beverly (Knowlton) Fournier

BHS '60               BHS '60
June 1958
BHS '58 Senior Prom Night
              January 1958
Beverly & Tom Corbett, BHS '58,
& Christine

"I came across a photo taken of my first husband Tom Corbett and me taken the evening of the Senior prom. Tom graduated from BHS and trade school in 1958. We had a teenage marriage and the baby is our daughter Christine who turned one year old that month. If you'd like to post it on the BHS site maybe some of the students from the class of 1958 would enjoy seeing it. Tom lives near San Francisco, California. He worked as a machinist until he retired. I had left school but later finished up at Salem High School. In 1958 the prom was held in the gym at BHS. Those were the good and simple old days. We divorced in the late fifties but are still friends."

Beverly (Knowlton) Fournier

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Linda (Michetti) Nicosia - From Patricia (Michetti) Orlando

1960 1961 1983 1987
1960 Wedding
1983 1987
Read Note From Pat

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From Bill Quigley

BHS '60 Seniors      Prom 1960      Prom 1964      Click Picture to Enlarge
All BHS '60 seniors
in November '59
Senior Prom 1960 Senior Prom 1964 St. Thomas, V.I. - 2004

'58 Chevy '58 Chevy at Sanford Drags '66 Pontiac in '67 '66 Pontiac in 76

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Photos of Andy Steele '59 (and classmates), from kid sister Sandy (Steele) DeFord

Fall 1956 Winter 1956-57 Spring 1958(?)
Click Picture to Enlarge Click Picture to Enlarge Click Picture to Enlarge
Andy Steele '59,
Jack Reever '59,
Leo Allen '59
Tony Divincenzo '59, Andy Steele '59,
(hidden), Billy Whelan '58, John Ryan '59,
Bob Kerr '59, (hidden),
Coach Taylor, Ted Doucette '59,
Jack Remare '58, George Gallagher '59,
Henry Betts '58.
Andy Steele '59,
Henry Betts '58
Jack Remare '58,
June 1959 Track 1958 Track 1958
Click Picture to Enlarge Click Picture to Enlarge Click Picture to Enlarge
Senior Prom
Andy Steele '59, Joyce Bixbee '60,
Kathy Burke '60, Bob Peironi '59
Coach Jenkins, Andy Steele '59 Andy Steele '59, Paul Rhuda '60,
Steve Mugglebee '59, Louis Cellineri '60
  Date Anyone?
  Click Picture to Enlarge
  Briscoe Football
Backs: Gordie Reid, Billy Hamor, Tom
Dooling, Andy Steele. Line: (unknown),
Fred Gabriel, George Gallagher, Leo
Allen, (unknown), Jimmy Gibbons, Frank
Wetmore, Lenny McCarthy

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Classroom Scenes at Beverly High - From Paul Weinberg '58

Paul has these great pictures of life in Beverly High School itself, and he was generous enough to share them with us. I'm sure nobody will object to our class giving space for an upper classman's images such as these.

[Click Each Image Below to Enlarge]

Fall '57
Class of '59
Fall '57 English Class
BHS '59 in English Class
Fall '57
Side Entrance
Side Door Entrance
Waiting for Doors to Open
Class of 1960
as Sophomores
BHS '60 Sophomore Homeroom
BHS '60 - Homeroom?


ENGLISH CLASS: Here is an English class in November, 1957. The calendar in the background says November and the 12th is a Tuesday.

Al Nagel '59 writes, "The 'English' class shot is definitely '59ers, but were any English classes all female? Question marks indicate degrees of uncertainty, more mean less. My best guesses, left to right:"

"Elizabeth Teedie Johnson, Jane McLean??, Emily Witwicki,
?Sandy Cotraro?, Debbie Jones, Gail Toll?, ?Beverly Trefry?,
Roberta Villanti?, Vivian Vincentz?, Brenda Birkemose (or
possibly Caroline Pinky Emo?), Linda Foster."

According to Sally (Stickens) Johnson:

l. to r. Elizabeth "Teedie" Johnson, ?, Lorraine Jarnes, Geraldine
Benjamin, Deborah Jones (my cousin), Emily Witwicki, Beverly
Trefry, Roberta Villanti, Vivian Vincentz, Brenda Birkemose, ?.

It looks like there is some question about who's who for some of the kids in this photo. Anyone else have ideas, or information to tighten up the IDs a bit?

SIDE ENTRANCE: The photo on the left here shows kids piling into the school, with Bill Shay, John Ryan, Lenny McCarthy & Alan Nagel among others, and isn't that Evan Brodie in profile? Who's the kid looking at the camera (can't be Alan Kaplan, can it?)?

BHS '60 as SOPHOMORES: This is a classroom photo, our BHS '60 class for sure. I no longer think it is a sophomore homeroom picture, but rather a regular classroom. Gerald Freedland & Alan Baisuck closest to camera. Is that Dick Stuart in the plaid shirt looking at the camera? Sandra Toneatti near the windows? Please help me fill in the names.

According to Primila (Bailey) Young: "The picture of the sophomores for 1960 -- here's my guess on some of them.

"Gerald Freedman      Allen Baisuck      Sandra Hubbard (?)
Joan Fairbanks      Pam Fitzgerald     (?)      Sandra Toneatti
Elizabeth Mood      Cynthia Davis     (?)     Neil Hansen (?)
Linda Publicover     Lorna Kransberg (in the back corner)

"Hope the way I have lined them up makes sense." Prim

According to Sandra (Hubbard) Atwood (late May, 2008) she is definitely not in this picture. Thanks to P. Weinberg who asked her.

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