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Camp Herrick Boy Scout Camp
As Troop 2 Passed Through in the Nineteen Fifties

Camp Herrick was named after Carl Herrick
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Image Thanks to Charlie Kitchener

Hey Guys - This was over a HALF CENTURY ago!!

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Mess Hall & Cook Shack
R. Tagney Photo

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Hank by the Council Fire
P. Weinberg Photo

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Cabin Leaders, 1954
P. Weinberg Photo

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Hank Carr, Tony Jack, Andy Steele,
Henry Betts, Russ Burns, Bruce
Smithson, Dave Woodman

Cabin 4, 195?
P. Weinberg Photo

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b. Billy Nisbet, Henry Betts, Alan Nagel
m. Richard Day, Tex Schliemann,
Bobby Player, Bruce Doherty
f. Donny Searles

Cabin ?, 1954
P. Weinberg Photo

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f. George Preston, Bob Jacques, Billy Shay,
Don Martyn, Arthur Stevens
b. Wally Godfrey, Dave Woodman

Cabin 5, 1954
P. Weinberg Photo

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f. Bob Jacques, Richard Day, Bruce Doherty
b. Alan Nagel, Tex Schliemann,
Frank "Pudgy" Wetmore, Bruce Smithson

Cabin 6, 1954
P. Weinberg Photo

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Kenny Clayton, R. Stone, Russ Burns,
William Young, Scott Woodman, Peter
Kitchener, David Hackett

Next Three Pictures Below
Courtesy B. Nisbet

These Photos Will Not Enlarge

l. B. Nisbet, r. E. Rand

That's Eddie Rand watching B. Nisbet dive off
the raft...or about ready to get some
revenge for the, "Eddie is a blimp van(?)
tank," comment some of us made.
Kids...! Eddie is one of the nicest
guys you would ever want to meet.

Only lifeguards ever got in a boat.
Wouldn't that be Dave Woodman in
back of boat on the left?

Stevie Lunn (now deceased) clowning
with a camera. If you had to sum him
up in one word it would be exuberant!


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Individuals' Pages

Jim Glasser
Dick Hemenway
Alan Nagel
Bill Shay
Sandy (Steele) DeFord
Ron Tagney
Paul Weinberg
Scott Woodman


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Introduction / Overview

This page is a work in progress, and should be of special interest for those members of Beverly, Massachusetts, Boy Scout Troop 2, and those members of the Dane Street Congregational Church that attended Camp Herrick, West Alton, New Hampshire.

The idea to create this page came to me after a discussion about Camp Herrick with Henry Betts, Betsy Black, and especially Paul Weinberg, at the "Picnic in the Park," August 2nd. 2002, at Lynch Park. You can check out the details and see contemporary photos of Henry, Betsy, and Paul here:

Visit 2002 Picnic in the Park Page

You can see more recent images of Bill Cook, Scott Woodman, Paul Weinberg, and Bill Nisbet here. Don't worry, they are labeled.

Visit 2004 Picnic in the Park Page

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Do You Have Photos? Anything to Say?

Want to Contribute? If you have old photos of Camp Herrick or documents of interest, email copies to the Webmaster at the bottom of this page. Perhaps you have an essay in you, like Scott Woodman's "Camp Herrick Revisited" (above)? Write it up; send it in. People want to hear what you have to say.

General comments and stories will still go here on the Comments, Stories & Information From Campers Page. Essays will get their own page.

As of mid-May, 2004, William Shay has his own page on this site. He is the fourth person to share his photos with us.

As of mid-March, 2003, Paul Weinberg has his own pages on this site. He is the third person to share his photos with us.

Early on, Scott Woodman has his own pages on this site. He was the second person to share his photos with us. Later on he wrote an essay, which is on it's own page.

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Night and Day

Click on Photo to Enlarge

P. Weinberg Photo

As of early June 2004, Scott Woodman, Paul Weinberg, and William Shay have their own pages on this site. Scott's contains really cute transcribed "as is" letters he wrote to home. He also wrote up a Fall 2003 visit to Camp Herrick. Paul has many photos on his page, which is actually two pages. Also, many of Paul's photos are used throughout this Website. Bill Shay has some photos and reminisces on his page, and he has very carefully corrected some of the names in photo captions, along with the proper spelling.

I hope these personal pages will prompt former campers to submit their photos, reminisces and any other documents. If you have only a couple of photos, I will add them here and there, but if you have several photos, and perhaps an essay, reminisces, recollections, anecdotes, and the like, I will start a page for you. Don't be shy.


For photo submittal instructions, see top right.

The last date and time this page was updated appears at the very bottom of this page.

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Here are some topics to get the ball rolling. Off the top, does anyone remember...?

Allamen si con di in skinny boom boom ray (Thanks, Dave)
Chapel in the Woods (Thanks, Betsy)
Climbing Mt. Major
Council Fire Ring (Thanks, Dick)
Dotlee Pool
Hike to Go Swimming
Hiking Over to Belknap Recreation Area
Joe Dow's Brig (Thanks, Dick - I never heard of this)
Latrine Duty (Thanks, Paul)
Learning How to Play Poker
Mess Hall
Parents Visiting Day
Playing ball in field by road
Reveille & those other bugle calls
Riding the Single Chair Lift (Thanks, Dick)
Sitting Around the Camp Fire
Smoking Pine Needles
Snipe Hunts
Sophie C (Thanks, Dick)
Wassigigamo (Thanks, Scott)
Weir's Beach Arcade
Wise Owl
Work Detail

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Now, not Then!
[Gee, Really?]

July 29, 2005

Click on Photo to Enlarge

Ed Rand, Jim Connolly,
Bill Nisbet, Paul Weinberg

P. Weinberg Photo
by Ann M. Mahoney

Questions and Answers

Q. Bill Shay asks, "Was there an occasion when we all wore sailor hats? [See last photo on Bill Shay's Page; see photo at bottom right].
A. See comments on the Mount Washington Cruise, 2005 page.

Q. Where did the name Camp Herrick come from?
A. "Camp Herrick is named after the first Scout Master of Troop 2, Carl E. Herrick. [He] was the Treasurer of the Sunday school at Dane Street Church... [and] was Scout Master from 1915-1919. Troop 2 started February 19, 1915." (Josh Moody, Troop 2 Historian)

Q. What was Al Brindel's wife's name?
A. "Al's wife's name was Marion" (Bob Akerley)

Q. So, what town was Camp Herrick physically in?
A. "On the Camp Herrick site you mention the location as having been Gilmanton, NH. My recollection is that at least the mailing address was West Alton." (Paul Weinberg)
Reply: Camp Herick was located in Alton, New Hampshire, right on the Guilford line. That area of Alton is called West Alton, like Beverly Farms is to Beverly. (updated 12/11/04)

Q. What was Rev. Little's middle initial? D or W?
A. According to Billy Shay, it is "W" for "Williams" per the Beverly City Directory 1955 at the Beverly Historical Society. Thanks, Billy! (04/29/04)

Q. OK guys, who was on staff at Camp Herrick? (See Camp Herrick Staff Page)

Q. Is there anyone experienced in HTML and flatbed scanning that can help me with this page? You'll need PaintShop Pro or other software to recalculate JPEGs rather than resizing. You'll be backup for me, and the clearing house for physical photos mailed to you that you'll have to mail back to submitter.
A. Josh Moody, Troop 2 Historian, would like to help. Others more than welcome, too.

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We Made a Few Summits
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Mt. Dotlee
P. Weinberg Photo

[Click Picture For Caption]

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Mt. Major
P. Weinberg Photo

[Click Picture For Caption]

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Mt. Washington
P. Weinberg Photo

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Mt. Belknap
S. Deford Photo

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Mt. Major View, 1951
R. Tagney Photo

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