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NOTE: This page and any underlying pages have nothing directly to do with BHS Class of '58. They are unofficial and unsanctioned, and only exist to demonstrate one possible approach, layout, color selections, look & feel, etc.


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Welcome to Your Website!!

If you are a graduate of the Beverly Massachusetts High School Class of 1958, or were ever in our class at any point along the way, this is your Website. On this site you can submit pictures to share with your classmates and enjoy those already submitted by others. You can post bulletins within the guidelines of the site. Announcements will keep you informed of the latest developments. Rest assured that no personal information about anyone will be posted on this site without specific permission.

This is your Website. Please stay in touch and keep us updated with your latest email address. Let us know how we can make this site better. All feedback is appreciated.


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It is very difficult to locate missing classmates, especially females. In general, any clues are a big help. Who was that person friendly with in high school, what school did they attend, what job(s) did they have, any rumors of their demise, etc? Any relatives living in a known place? Things of that nature are helpful.

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Images from our classmates are a big hit. Do you have any from our school daze? See last question in the "How to Keep in Touch" section below.

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PLEASE POST SHORT BIO AND EMAIL ADDRESS ON Beverly High Alumni Class of 1958 Page:
Your classmates are interested in what you've been up to. Please note: I do not maintain that site, but the Webmaster there is real easy to deal with and they have an automatic submittal form in place. Drop to the bottom of the page there and see where it says "Add Your Name." Also, please read third question in the "How to Keep in Touch" section below.

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How to Keep in Touch

Q. The main purpose of this site is to keep in touch with my classmates. How do I do that?

A. Keep the Webmaster informed of any address changes, especially email address changes. If you wish to contact a specific person in the class, email or write to the Webmaster saying so, and I will forward your note to that person by email, if possible, or by snail mail. They, in turn, will contact you. Please check the "Missing" list for people I cannot contact, the Do Not Contact list for those classmates who don't want to hear from you, and the Deceased list for those nobody can contact. We have at least a mailing address for everyone else.

If you do not mind having your email address published, then the best thing for you to do is add your email address to the Beverly High Alumni Class of 1958 Page on the beverlyhighalumni.com Website (see question after next, below). Please consider adding a short autobiography there too, as your classmates are interested in what you've been up to all these years.

If your email address changes, please remember to change it there and tell me, too.


Q. So how can I contact the Webmaster?

A. You can click the Webmaster link at the bottom of any page on this site. This should automatically bring up your email program with a message already addressed, ready for you to type in text.

Q. I do not understand why short biographies of members of our class are posted on the Beverly High Alumni site (beverlyhighalumni.com) and not on our own BHS Class of 1958 site (bhs58.com). What gives?

A. This has confused quite a few people. The Beverly High Alumni site, with an orange and black main page, existed long before this site (white letters on blue) was conceived. Both sites are free, and as many of our classmates had posted a notice or short autobiography there, I thought we would keep things that way, and in fact encourage our classmates to post their autobiography there.

If you are not shy about posting your email address then your classmates can contact you directly. It is very important to update your email address when it changes, both there and with the Webmaster here. Thanks.

Just drop to the bottom of the page there and click where it says, "Add Your Name." There is a button for updates, too. You can update or add to a previous posting that way.

We do not post addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses on this site without expressed permission. We do not sell or loan mailing addresses, or give copies of our database to anyone outside the class. A few of your classmates who are helping me keep the list current and accurate have a working copy. Be aware that search engines will eventually find everything here.

Considering our generation I know I don't have to spell this out, but please bear with me. This site is about getting in touch and keeping in touch with your classmates. I will not post bulletins containing any of the following topics: politics; religion; causes, lost or otherwise; requests for charitable or other donations; advertising; obscenities; and the like. In other words, this is not a public forum. Sorry about the negativity but I felt it necessary to state these limitations.

You can post images. In general these should be from our school years up through high school. A few recent photos for contrast and our amusement are just fine. Please, if there are any questions or problems, just ask for me for help.

For names to be added to the list of
Those Who Have Passed Away require independent verification. You can see why I must have verification from several sources or a copy of the actual obituary write-up before adding to this list. Please don't let this stop you from notifying me of any changes; just be aware the information probably won't be posted immediately.

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Please, if you donated funds specifically to help keep this website going and your name is not on the list of sponsors above, my apologies and let me know right away Email the Webmaster, or you can send traditional USPS mail to the address you see here.

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Thanks & Acknowledgements

I had a lot of help with both this Website and in locating "lost" classmates. Many thanks to the following people in particular, and to all those others who provided clues, address corrections, images, and support. Those words of thanks are greatly appreciated. If you don't see your name on this list and think it belongs here, it is an oversight, certainly not deliberate. My apologies and please let me know - don't be shy (see window box above for how to contact me).

(Sorry, there is nobody yet to thank.)

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NOTE: This page and any underlying pages have nothing directly to do with BHS Class of '58. They are unofficial and unsanctioned, and only exist to demonstrate one possible approach, layout, color selections, look & feel, etc.

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