How To Contact the Webmaster

You can send traditional USPS mail to the address you see here.


Email the Webmaster

You can email the webmaster from the link above, or the one found at the bottom of almost every page on all my websites.

If automatic email does not work properly for you, use this.
Note: Please preface your topic or suggestion in your message title with one of the following (illustrated here in red), so I won't think your message is spam: (1) if a BHS '60 matter - example: "BHS '60 - Missing Classmate"; (2) if a Catsnamed matter - example: "Catsnamed - What happened to the Items For Sale Page?"; or (3) all else - example: "WFNisbet - Your comment".


You can reach me by phone. Click the ringing phone to see the number. You will have to leave a message, because this phone does not ring. It does send me an email with your message in the form of a sound file.

Click phone to see number


Facebook member? You can send a message to me on
my Facebook account.
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Note: This information is current as of 06-22-14, 16:40 hrs